Netflix Fans Can’t Sleep After Watching ‘Terrifying’ New Horror Film

A 'disturbing' new Netflix film has left people terrified, with some saying it features the 'scariest children ever seen in a horror movie'. 
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A new Netflix film has left people unable to sleep, with some saying it features the ‘scariest children ever seen in a horror movie’. 

The streaming platform has a huge number of disturbing and scary movies and shows to watch – from His House to the sci-fi series FROM making it difficult to stand out.

However, one horror has managed to do just that.

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Tin & Tina is a Spanish horror movie which dropped on the streaming platform last week.

It’s a longer adaption of the 2013 short film of the same name, which is also directed by Rubin Stein.

It is set in early 1980s Spain and follows a woman named Lola (played by Milena Smit) who experiences a miscarriage on her wedding day.

Tragically, she is then told that she cannot bear children – which leads to her becoming depressed.

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However, determined to remain positive, the newlyweds decide to adopt twins Tin and Tina (11-year-olds Anastasia Russo and Carlos González Morollón), who follow strict religious teachings.

But the couple quickly realises that the children have created a strained and eerie atmosphere in their home.

Many people are taking to social media and saying that they’ve found the horror film terrifying to watch.

While some are saying it includes the ‘scariest children ever seen in a horror movie’.

Tin & Tina
The Netflix film Tin & Tina has left people terrified, with some saying it features the ‘scariest children ever seen in a horror movie’. Credit: Netflix

“Watched Tin & Tina on Netflix. You think The Shining twins were creepy… you ain’t seen nothing yet. They utterly creeped me out, and I will have nightmares for days,” one person tweets.

Another adds: “Watched that Tin & Tina movie last night. It was disturbing and odd. But I think I liked it.”

While a third Twitter user writes: “Tin & Tina are literally the scariest children I’ve ever seen in a horror movie.”

“Me praying Tin and Tina don’t come in my dreams tonight,” somebody else writes. “Can’t even bare to watch the second half, whilst the house is so quiet. Why have I done this to myself.”

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“After watching Tin & Tina last night that ‘hi mommy’ phrase is giving me the heebie-jeebies,” comments another.

Someone else says: “Watching Tin & Tina, nah those kids never would’ve left the convent. They were creepy from the get-go.”

A seventh pens: “Oh nah, I would’ve been scared of Tin and Tina the first time I saw them lol.”

Although people on Twitter are raving about the movie, its score isn’t as high over on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tin & Tina has an audience score of 21%, with it being criticised for its pace and predictability.

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