Jude Law’s Daughter In The Holiday Looks Totally Unrecognisable Grown Up

Jude Law's daughter in The Holiday looks totally unrecognisable all grown up. 
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Jude Law’s daughter in The Holiday looks totally unrecognisable all grown up. 

The 2006 romantic Christmas comedy film follows two women from different countries (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) who swap homes for the holidays to get over their relationship troubles.

During their getaways, they meet and fall in love with two local guys (Jude Law and Jack Black).

At the time of its release, it was a box office hit and many viewers have dubbed it a modern Christmas classic.

Many fans watch it over the holidays and it has led some people to wonder what everyone from the cast looks like now, including Law’s little girl in the movie.

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It turns out Milly Englefield, who played Law’s eldest kid Sofia, has changed a lot since her performance.

Englefield, who is now in her twenties, styles a punk-inspired look and she even has a little girl of her own.

She landed a couple of roles following her appearance in The Holiday, including a recurring role in Casualty.

However, Englefield eventually ended up retiring from acting and became a barista, reports the Mirror.

The outlet reports that she’s also pursued her passion for music and is in a punk band.

Milly Englefield
The Holiday child star Milly Englefield is now all grown up! Credit: @miffz_/Instagram

Englefield told The New York Times: “At school, people were a bit funny about the fact that I used to be an actress, but I could go to these gigs and be around people who didn’t care.”

In the same interview, the 23-year-old also recalled working alongside Hollywood stars Law and Diaz.

She said: “They made all this time for these two little kids running around.”

The former actress has also opened up about her role in The Holiday on TikTok, having claimed ‘creepy’ men still call her ‘cute’.

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Alongside a video of herself looking disturbed, she wrote (via Mirror): “When gross old men say things like, ‘I’m so glad you are still as cute as you were in The Holiday to me’.”

She added: “Relating how I looked as a child to how I look as a grown a** woman makes me all kinds of creeped out I don’t know.”

Last year, Englefield took to the social media platform and addressed the rumours of a sequel to the Christmas classic.

Milly Englefield
Milly Englefield says that The Holiday is unlikely to get a sequel. Credit: @miffz_/Instagram

She said: “Loads of articles were circling around saying that there was gonna be a sequel to The Holiday.

“Unfortunately, this was just a rumour that spiralled very quickly. It isn’t a thing.”

Although fans were left disappointed she ruled out a sequel, others took to the comment and said they couldn’t believe she was the little girl from the movie.

“I refuse to believe you’re a grown-up now…,” one wrote. “I can’t be that old.”

Another added: “Aww! Seeing you now makes me feel so old! Haha, it’s not Christmas in my house until we’ve watched The Holiday and you girls are too cute in it!”

Someone else said: “No no no, ’cause those little girls are only little that’s not you I refuse to believe it. Love The Holiday.”

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