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Landscaper Gets Ultimate Revenge After Customer Refuses To Pay For New Lawn

A landscaper has got the ultimate revenge after a customer refuses to pay for a new lawn.
Credit: @kslicksix/TikTok

A landscaper got the ultimate revenge after a customer refused to pay for their new lawn.

Taking care of your garden can undoubtedly be a tiring task – no matter how much you may enjoy it.

While some find it relaxing to be outdoors and work on their garden, others prefer to pay a landscaper to come in and take care of it for them.

But make sure you pay them – unless you want to end up like this one customer.

Watch the landscaper get revenge below…

TikToker Katelyyn Greene runs a landscaping business with her partner and they had lay down some turf for a customer.

She told her client that they would need to water the grass to ensure that it stays good quality.

However, the job took place during the heatwave – which meant the grass turned yellow much quicker than usual, making it even more important that the watering be kept on top of.

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The customer paid the first half of the payment upfront so it would cover the supplies and the men working on the job.

But when Greene went back to collect the rest of the payment, she was shocked to hear that the woman was refusing to pay as the grass had gone dry – despite the landscaper explaining that it needed looking after.

In a TikTok video, which has been viewed 1.7 million times, Greene explained: “We did this job for this woman, we did her front and back grass but she happened to want it done during the heatwave.

“So the grass has gone a bit yellow but it shouldn’t have had she watered it the way she was advised to.

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, but you didn’t water it’. You were advised on how to cater for your grass. You didn’t do it, and I’m here to collect the check today.”

Katelyyn Greene
Landscaper Katelyyn Greene took drastic action after one customer refused to pay. Credit: @kslicksix/TikTok

Greene went on to say how she tried to compromise with the customer but with every suggestion she put forward, it immediately got dismissed.

So after realising that this wasn’t going to get resolved, the landscaper took matters into her own hands – by ripping up the turf that they had laid.

She showed the work that they had done so far at the front of the house and added that she had also called the police.

People have taken to the comments to discuss the landscaper’s revenge.

One viewer says: “Her not paying but thinking she was going to keep it is crazy.”

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Someone else adds: “I’m so glad you took half the grass back! Can’t believe some people.”

“Your response is chefs kiss,” praises a third.

In a follow-up post, Greene revealed what happened next.

She starts by showing one of the workmen ripping up the turf – with the landscaper heard saying: “Try to rip them so she can’t relay them.”

Greene continued to show the muddy patch of land she has at the front of her house and the strangers that had pulled over to see what was going on.

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