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Mum Pulls Child Out Of School After Receiving Note From Teacher Saying Lunchbox Is Unhealthy

Pringle Gate: A mum pulled her child out of school after she received a note from a teacher who said their lunchbox was unhealthy.
Credit: @peaveymegan/TikTok

A mum pulled her child out of school after she received a note from a teacher who said her child’s lunchbox was unhealthy.

The government website advises that children should have one or more portions of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods – such as bread or pasta – and milk every day.

In line with its advice, schools are now encouraging parents to pack healthier lunches for their children and cut out any snacks that are high in fat, salt, and sugar.

However, one mum is taking a stand after her three-year-old son was told off for his unhealthy lunchbox.

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In a TikTok post, which has been viewed almost 900,000 times, Megan shared how she packed her son a ‘granola bar, yoghurt [and] fruit’ for her son – but also added a cup of Pringles as she didn’t consider it to be ‘unhealthy’.

But it seems that her son’s teachers felt differently and left a note for her to read.

Across the cup of Pringles, it read: “Please help us make healthy choices at school.”

The mum was left outraged by the comment and slammed the teachers for ‘snack-shaming’ her son.

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Megan said: “They snack-shamed my three-year-old, they snack-shamed me, by writing that passive-aggressively.”

The mum said that she emailed the school personally – where she explained that she and her husband choose not to label food healthy and unhealthy at home as they don’t want their children to have any issues with food.

However, according to the school, she is the one being passive-aggressive as she keeps putting Pringles in her son’s lunchbox.

Note on Pringles cup
The note Megan was left by her son’s teachers. Credit: @peaveymegan/TikTok

Megan continued: “She shared that it was passive-aggressive of me to keep sending him Pringles after they did share to send healthy snacks.

“But I didn’t consider Pringles to be this unhealthy snack.”

She also noted that she never received an apology from the school and was surprisingly told that the school ‘no longer [had] a part-time spot’ for her son during its summer program.

Out of anger, Megan took things one step further and removed her son from school permanently.

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She explained: “It just felt so uncalled for and disrespectful.

“I walked downstairs, and I checked my son out, and that’s that. We’re done there.”

Since the story has gone viral, the mother has received support from those who have watched the video.

One person writes: “As a teacher, I am so sorry. As a mother, I would send a box of Pringles for the class.”

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Someone else adds: “I would send Pringles for every single day of class. Granted they aren’t exactly healthy but that is your choice as the parent.”

A third person shares: “One of the many reasons I stopped eating lunch all through school. Kids might bully but a lot of teachers shame kids.”

While another viewer comments: “We’d be having a colourful meeting with the school board. If it isn’t explicitly stated in the paperwork, I’m not entertaining it.”

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