Mum Says She Won’t Let Grandparents Hug Daughter Without Consent

Parent Teaches Consent
Credit: @brittanybaxter_x/TikTok

A mum says she won’t let her child’s grandparents hug her without her daughter’s consent being given. 

Brittany Baxter, from Australia, wants adults to understand that they don’t have the right to hug and kiss her child whenever they like. But so far, it’s been a difficult lesson to teach when a lot of people are so ‘unhelpful’. 

Taking to TikTok, the mum said that, out of everyone, it’s grandparents that need to ‘do better’. 

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Mum Teaches Consent
Brittany is teaching her toddler about consent. Credit: @brittanybaxter_x/TikTok

She explained: “As a parent, I practice consent with my daughter and something’s really been bothering me, so I thought why not take it to TikTok so we can talk about it. 

“Can we please start normalising the fact that kids do not have to kiss in front of adults? My daughter’s almost two years old and I’ve been in the process of teaching her consent basically since the day that she’s been born, and I find it really f**king unhelpful when the adults in her life are like ‘What?! We have to ask for a kiss and a hug?’ even though I’ve explained why multiple times.

“And then when she says no, they’re like ‘oh she doesn’t love me my feelings are so hurt’ and then they proceed to overstep her body boundaries anyway.

“My daughter and her body do not exist to make anyone feel more comfortable and to make anyone feel more loved. It is not her fault and it’s not my fault that the older generation haven’t taken the time throughout their entire lives to learn how to regulate their emotions so consent doesn’t continue to be overlooked.

“No one’s feelings are ever going to be more important than my daughter’s right to her own body and I’m sure as s**t not going to allow her to grow up in an environment where 1. She doesn’t know how to say no, and 2. She doesn’t know what it looks like for her no to be respected.

“Grandparents do better.”

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So far, the post has received over 440,000 views and more than 45,000 likes.

In the comments, people have praised the mum for teaching such an ‘important’ lesson.

One parent wrote: “Working on this with my two-year-old as well. We’ve had to reduce his interactions with my mother as she does not respect this. I feel no guilt.”

Another added: “This is so important! My husband and I are teaching consent as well. Recently, we started asking for hugs and kisses instead of saying ‘give me a hug’.”

However, some people believe Baxter has taken her views too far.

“My grandparents hugged and kissed me as they pleased and I have no issues telling someone to go away if I don’t want to. This is just odd to me,” a viewer said.

Agreeing with this, a second pitched in: “How not to parent.”

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