Tom Daley Is ‘No Longer A Harry Potter Fan’ Because Of JK Rowling

Tom Daley JK Rowling: The Olympic diver has admitted he's 'no longer a fan' of the author's franchise.
Credit: @tomdaley/Instagram & Alamy

Tom Daley, who recently vowed to get homophobic countries ‘banned from the Olympics,’ has revealed he is ‘no longer a Harry Potter fan’ because of JK Rowling and her controversial ‘trans views’. 

According to The Times, the Olympian said that the British author has ruined his fondness for the franchise due to her ‘bad taste’ comments.

Reportedly, he commented: “I did love JK Rowling’s books, but it does always leave a little bit of a… ‘bad taste’.”

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Daley then addressed how the writer stood up for him when an evangelical group of Christians claimed he ‘dived badly’ at the 2016 Olympics ‘because he was gay’.

The 27-year-old said: “So, the thing is, she stuck up for me in the past.

“But then what she said about trans people… It’s one of the hardest things to understand, how trans people think and feel because she has never lived that experience, the same way white people trying to understand the black experience will never be able to understand that.”

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When asked what he would say to Rowling about her controversial views, he responded: “It’s hard because I’m not someone who likes conflict, but I have strong views and beliefs.

“I guess it would be a conversation rather than a shouting match. I always try to listen first and try to understand, and then try to share my point of view and my opinions and show how things [said] can hurt other people, to try to get the best outcome.”

His husband, Dustin Lance Black, was less diplomatic with his views, saying Rowling’s ‘new well’ was: “Long disproven, discriminatory old tropes and lies sown by bigots.

“She’s a pretender. A thief. A fraud. And likely always has been.”

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