Travis Kelce’s Ex Just Publicly Blasted His Relationship With Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce's exes have blasted his relationship with Taylor Swift.
Credit: @‌mayabenberry/@chariah_/Instagram

One of Travis Kelce’s exes has spoken out about the NFL star’s relationship with pop star Taylor Swift – and they’ve not held back. 

The ‘Cruel Summer’ singer, 34, has been generating a lot of headlines since it’s been confirmed she’s dating Kelce, also aged 34.

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Swift has been making many public appearances at Kelce’s NFL games, with her attendance becoming so frequent it was even the butt of a joke at a recent awards ceremony.

While many Swifties are happy about the coupling, not everyone is so pleased – and now Kelce’s exe have shared their thoughts.

Travis Kelce Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce is now in a relationship with pop star Taylor Swift. Credit: @andrewspruill_/Instagram

In 2022, Kelce and sports journalist Kayla Nicole split after five years together.

She’s since shared an elusive statement, in which she discusses people who are a ‘part of your life for a season’.

Kayla Nicole
Kayla Nicole dated Travis Kelce for five years before they split in 2022. Credit: @iamkaylanicole/Instagram

Nicole took to an Instagram Q&A and wrote (via E! News): “‘Noise’ never comes from someone who has more. More love. More joy. More peace. Misery loves company.

‘Hate’ is a projection of an individual’s self-worth. I do not have to receive or entertain it.”

She went on: “People are sometimes only meant to be part of your life for a season. Give yourself time and permission to grieve because losing a bond can be heartbreaking.

“But also, acknowledge the bounty and beauty of friendships that you still have. Shift your focus from what you’ve lost to what you have maintained – and even more exciting – the new friendships you will forge in time.”

Kayla Nicole
Kayla Nicole has seemingly addressed the wrath of the Swifties. Credit: @iamkaylanicole/Instagram

Nicole has seemingly addressed facing the wrath of the Swifties in a further Instagram post, writing: “They’ll say you’re too much, too provocative, too boisterous, too outspoken, and in the same breath, tell you that you aren’t enough.

“Preserve your heart, even when they try to quantify your character and test your boundaries, you do not have to engage.”

In an interview with People magazine, Nicole shared that she has to ‘protect herself’.

She told the publication: “That’s a lot of history and friendship there, that doesn’t change overnight.

“But publicly, because things are happening so quickly and so publicly, I have to protect myself. That’s really all that is. The love is still there.”

But Nicole isn’t the only ex of Kelce’s to have commented – Maya Benberry has also offered her brutal views on her ex’s new girlfriend…

Maya Benberry
Maya Benberry has also offered her brutal views on Travis Kelce’s new relationship. Credit: @mayabenberry/Instagram

Benberry and Kelce dated for a few months after she won his dating reality series Catching Kelce in 2016, which saw 50 women from 50 states competing for the NFL player’s love and affection.

The reality TV star has since spoken to the Daily Mail, accusing Kelce of ‘hypocrisy’ while encouraging the ‘Shake It Off’ singer to be mindful of him.

But now, in an interview with Inside Edition, she’s spoken further about what it was apparently like to date the Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

Maya Benberry
Maya Benberry has made some savage comments about her ex. Credit: @mayabenberry/Instagram

In the scathing interview, Benberry claims Kelce is a ‘cheating narcissist’ who won’t ‘change’.

She insists: “Certain qualities don’t change in men. I feel like Travis is a narcissist. Most narcissists don’t change.”

Warning Swift about Kelce, Benburry continues her claims, adding: “Only time will tell but like the saying always goes, once a cheater, always a cheater.

“Taylor seems like such a fun girl with a beautiful spirit, so I wish her the best of luck, but I wouldn’t be a girls’ girl if I didn’t advise her to be smart!”

A source tells TMZ that Kelce never cheated on Benberry and that her interview is ‘a poor excuse of someone trying to get her 15 min of fame’.

Maya Benberry
Maya Benberry’s claims have been denied by sources of Travis Kelce. Credit: @mayabenberry/Instagram

Benberry also scrutinises the Kelce-Swift coupling, claiming because they’re ‘talking to the media a lot’ she is questioning how ‘genuine’ their feelings are.

“I wanted the public to know I’m not jealous or bitter about Taylor. She’s beautiful, she’s successful, we’re in two different lanes,” Benberry goes on.

“My issue is more with Travis. Now, [he’s] trying to turn me into a bitter person or a liar, or delusional. And I’m the furthest thing from that.”

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