‘True Atheist’ Explains What He Saw ‘In Heaven’ When He Had Near-Death Experience

A 'true atheist' has opened up about what he saw 'in heaven' when he had a near-death experience. 
Credit: Shaman Oaks via YouTube & Alamy

A ‘true atheist’ has opened up about what he saw ‘in heaven’ when he had a near-death experience. 

To some individuals, death is firmly the end of life. But for others, it becomes a passage from one state of consciousness to another.

There have been many stories of people who have visited the afterlife before coming back around.

And now, one man has shared that his entire perspective on life and death has completely changed after a near-death experience.

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Near-death experiences (NDEs) tend to be common occurrences for people who are at ‘death’s door’ and have to be revived.

Often, those who experience this claim to see a light at the end of the tunnel – which has led to the belief that this is the gateway into the afterlife.

However, medical professionals have argued against this idea and have provided a scientific explanation as to what this imagery could be.

William Reville, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, explains in the Irish Times that these phenomena’s are probably a result of oxygen levels dropping in the brain and leading to carbon dioxide levels rising

Reville states: “NDE reports of light at the end of a dark tunnel could simply reflect oxygen levels falling in the retina, starting at the periphery and moving inwards towards the centre, producing tunnel vision.

“Various other experiences reported in NDEs, for example, out-of-body experiences, can be simulated, even if only weakly, by stimulating certain parts of the brain.”

Although, he does conclude his article by stating that we cannot definitely rule out the possibility of experiencing life outside of your body as there is no clear-cut evidence to disprove it.

People took to social media to react to this man’s story and speak about their own experiences.

One user shares: “I lost my beloved wife to leukaemia 6 and I am still grieving terribly. Seeing this video reinforces my belief that I will see her again and it gives me great comfort.”

Someone else recalls: “I witnessed my grandmother being greeted by her siblings who had passed. She was waving to them and saying their names. It was amazing.”

“Beautiful story. My mom’s last words when she passed was ‘I’m going home’,”️ another viewer poignantly comments.

A fifth person adds: “Just from the tone of his voice and his emotions it’s easy to believe his story. He was blessed with this.”

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Jose Hernandez, an engineer from America, shared his life-changing experience in an interview with Shaman Oaks on his YouTube channel.

The life-altering experience all started with a routine change of electrical wires – which was part of his job.

Hernandez tells Shaman Oaks: “When I had my experience I was a true atheist.

“I am an engineer. I was up on a bucket truck running some electrical lines. We were running late.

“The guy that was with me, my partner, was more worried about electrocuting me up on top, so he was more worried looking up and he just kind of bumped into a tree.

“I hit the bucket and I broke all my ribs… on my right side and I was sent to an emergency room.”

Jose Hernandez
The ‘true atheist’ has opened up about what he saw ‘in heaven’ when he had a near-death experience. Credit: Shaman Oaks via YouTube

Following Hernandez’s transfer to the hospital, he recalls the harrowing moment when he stopped breathing and the rapid response of doctors and nurses who rushed into his room in a desperate attempt to save him.

Hernandez adds: “I started thinking about god, saying, ‘If you get me through this event I will change’.”

In this moment Hernandez claims to have noticed spirits, as his ‘real self’ battled for survival.

Prior to this incident, he considered himself a firm atheist, but he now asserts that he witnessed heaven during his time at the hospital when he came close to death.

He went on to explain: “And then I noticed this shadow, by the door. And it just stood there. Then I started thinking ‘You know what, I’ve had such a hard and difficult life, maybe it’s okay to let go.’

“I kinda said it’s OK to die. And the minute I said that or thought that the shadow just moved.”

He claims that he could see its hand reaching out to him and it just touched my toe.

Following that, Hernadez felt ‘this tremendous sense of relief, and relaxation, peace and love and calm’.

He adds that he heard a voice ‘next to him’ saying: “‘Think of your body as a car, and that car has life five million miles on it, and there’s nothing we can do to fix it anymore. So you have to now say goodbye to your body’.

“And then the voice said to me ‘OK, it’s time for us to move on’.”

Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez recalls seeing a shadow in the room while medics attended to him. Credit: Sherman Oaks via YouTube

He then ‘fell’ down a black hole and describes the experience of flying and seeing mountains, an ‘amazing forest’, ‘wild herds of animals running’.

He was also assured he’d be able to see his children from heaven and was reunited with his feather.

Hernandez explained: “When I met my dad on the other side, I realised that sometimes we may not be able to say something here, [but] we’re gonna be able to say it somewhere else.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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