Usher Called Out Over ‘Inappropriate’ Way He Interacted With Alicia Keys During Super Bowl Performance

Usher has been called out over the 'inappropriate' way he acted towards Alicia Keys during his Super Bowl performance.
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Usher has been called out over the ‘inappropriate’ way he acted towards Alicia Keys during his Super Bowl performance.

Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show has certainly got a lot of viral internet attention this week.

People had many questions about the performance, like why he was wearing gloves, how old he actually is, and, most importantly, why he wasn’t getting paid!

But there was one aspect of the show that left some viewers feeling uncomfortable.

Now, Usher is being called out for the ‘inappropriate’ way he interacted with his guest star, Alicia Keys.

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Many people on social media had a lot of positive things to say about Usher’s performance.

THAT was a performance by Usher!” writes one happy fan.

Another adds: “I really am just so happy for Usher…the tiny desk, the residency, the album, the Super Bowl, the tour (even if I don’t get tickets to go), all of it. 30 years into his career. Ahh, what a fine, deserving man.”

A third pens: “It wouldn’t be Black History Month without some Black excellence at the Super Bowl! Usher shared the stage with so many Black musical icons!”

However, Usher’s actions towards one of his guest performers have left some on the internet feeling uncomfortable.

Super Bowl viewers have said Usher acted ‘inappropriately’ with Alicia Keys during their performance. Credit: Alamy

16-time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys joined Usher on stage to surprise fans with a nostalgic rendition of her 2004 duet with Usher, ‘My Boo’.

There was some clear chemistry between the two, which many fans were quick to pick up on.

One writes on X, formerly known as Twitter: “I’d be hot [as f***] if I was Swizz Beatz… Usher was all up on Alicia Keys.”

A second asks: “Does Usher know Alicia Keys is a married woman??”

Some viewers thought the touchy-feely display was a little too much, and found Usher’s behaviour towards Keys to be inappropriate…

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“The way Usher was holding Alicia Keys was hella inappropriate in my opinion,” one person tweets.

Another points out: “The way I had to look up if Alicia Keys is still married after this.”

“I’m crashing the stage if anyone hugs my girl like this in front of 100m people,” writes a third.

I don’t know who was held tighter during the Super Bowl last night, Nick Bosa or Alicia Keys,” someone else comments. 

Another adds: “Usher using the Super Bowl halftime show with Alicia Keys as his personal bachelor party is insane!”

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