Woman Who ‘Dies’ Three Times A Month Says She’s Met Jesus

A woman claims she has a condition that means she 'dies' three times a month.
Credit: Beverley Gilmour & Alamy

A woman who ‘dies’ three times a month due to a rare condition says she’s met Jesus.

Some people are unfortunate enough to suffer a ‘near-death experience’ at some point in their lives.

In such cases, a person may have a subjective experience of leaving their body, seeing a bright light or deceased loved ones, and then returning to their body.

But one woman has detailed a condition that sees her experience these things three times a month.

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Beverley Gilmour, 57, from England, claims to experience near-death experiences three times a month due to a traumatic brain injury she suffered in her 20s.

Gilmour tells the MailOnline that she feels her heart stop and her body begins to shut down – before having an out-of-body experience.

She says she has interacted with the spirits of deceased people, including Walt Disney and Jesus Christ.

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Gilmour has been diagnosed with a ‘disorder of consciousness’, a term usually used to refer to patients in a coma or vegetative state.

Individuals who have disorders of consciousness (DOC) typically have difficulty communicating.

However, while out-of-body experiences are a recognised phenomenon, they’re still not fully understood.

Although there is no definite explanation, some experts speculate that brain disorders and traumatic brain injuries might initiate these experiences – which tallies with Gilmour’s claims.

Gilmour explains that one such experience is having a ‘private’ relationship with Jesus, which is ‘spiritualistic but not religious’.

She describes the conversations with Walt Disney as showing her stories and drawing pictures of what he had shown her.

She added: “He showed me these characters and I became one of his characters and lived out one of his stories.

Man walking through tunnel to afterlife.
A woman claims she has a condition that means she ‘dies’ three times a month. Credit: Alamy

“I would sit and listen to him and he would appear with these characters and he would tell me the names of these characters and their personalities and what they did in life, where they came from and their origins.”

In addition to meeting Walt Disney and Jesus, Gilmour also claims to have met her deceased parents.

She says that the first time she met her dad’s spirit, he looked 52, and the next time he looked 30.

Her dad told her to ‘learn to do as you are told’, while she asked him if he had any information on lottery numbers to share.

She says that it often takes her some time to make sense of what she sees during her ‘near-death experiences’.

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Although many people have detailed glimpses of the other side during near-death experiences, scientific research suggests that the chances of life after death are essentially nonexistent.

Therefore, the chances of meeting Walt Disney or Jesus in the afterlife, let alone asking them questions, realistically appear to be zero.

However, despite the scientific evidence against life after death, Gilmour’s experiences cannot be discounted or denied.

Her story highlights the impact of traumatic brain injuries and the potential for individuals with such injuries to experience ‘extraordinary’ things.

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