Woman Says Husband Keeps Going On Secret Trips To Thailand And Sends Money There

A woman says her husband keeps going on secret trips to Thailand and sending money over there. 
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A woman says her husband keeps going on secret trips to Thailand and sending money over there. 

On an episode of This Morning, a woman called Julie courageously calls into the ‘Dear Deirdre’ help segment and shares her concerns over her husband.

She reveals to Deadrie Sanders, along with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, that her husband of over 50 years keeps mysteriously disappearing off to Thailand.

Julie then tells the hosts that she needs help with what she should do about it.

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She explains to the presenters: “It’s normally on a Wednesday night he goes. I just come home, there’s no note, nothing, passport, gone, clothes gone.

“I’m 70 now… I just don’t know what to do.”

She continues to tell the presenters that hundreds of pounds are being sent to a mysterious person in Thailand.

However, when she confronts her partner, Julie gets told that it is none of her business.

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Willoughby says that this behaviour is not OK while her co-host suggests that Julie’s partner might be cheating on her with a ‘man or a woman’.

Deidre adds: “Of course what your husband is doing is your concern and funnelling out hundreds of pounds of family income – that is terrible.”

Although, Julie did clarify that the money that was being sent to Thailand wasn’t from their joint account.

She says although there is a chance that there could be a perfect explanation as to why he is travelling to Thailand and sending money over, there is also every chance he could be up to something mischievous.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning.
A woman ringing into This Morning says her husband keeps going on secret trips to Thailand and sending money over there. Credit: ITV

People have taken to social media to offer their own speculation on what Julie’s husband is up to, along with what she should do.

“Mmmmm? Wonder what’s going on there then?” asks one person.

“Julie, just change the locks next time. Or move,” suggests someone else.

Another person adds: “Sounds like he got a Thai bride and fam over there, not rocket science to suss out.

“Poor lady, get rid of the cheating scum bag.”

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A fourth claims: “Maybe he has a child there and is sending money for its keep.”

Someone else says: “Julie, he’d be bloody gone if he was married to me. He can’t be going off to Thailand every 5 minutes and then come back to you when he feels like it.”

A sixth viewer comments: “It might be difficult at 70 but my God Julie. Locks changed next time he’s away. He’s an absolute d***.”

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