‘World’s Most Identical Twins’ Want To Get Pregnant At Same Time By Same Boyfriend

The 'world's most identical twins' want to get pregnant at the same time by the same boyfriend.
Credit: @annalucydecinque/Instagram

The ‘world’s most identical twins’ want to get pregnant at the same time by the same boyfriend.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 37, are going viral after starring in the popular TV show Extreme Sisters.

The reality programme follows siblings who have special and unusual bonds.

The DeCinques sisters have even been opening up about their relationship outside of the show, having recently appeared on the daytime TV programme This Morning.

During their interview, the twins shared their ‘ultimate goal’ with presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Watch the twins appear on This Morning below…

The twins, who are from Australia, tell the presenters they ‘want to experience everything in life together’.

This leads to Willoughby asking the pair about the one thing they can’t control – getting pregnant at the same time.

In response, Anna says: “We can’t live without each other and we can’t be apart.

“If it’s possible, we’d love to be pregnant together, but at the end of the day, this is how we choose to live our lives.”

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Schofield then asks the siblings how their partner Ben feels about them wanting to be pregnant at the same time.

Anna replies: “I don’t think it’s pressure, it’s double the love for Ben really.”

While Lucy adds: “Maybe that’s a bit of a goal for him, a bit of a task for him.”

Anna and Lucy DeCinque on This Morning.
Anna (left) and Lucy (right) DeCinque want to get pregnant at the same time with their partner who they both share. Credit: ITV

The twins then say that their partner understands their bond and their need to be the same.

At this point, Willoughby asks them what will happen if only one of them falls pregnant, and they both respond by saying that they’ll be there for each other.

They also acknowledge that this is the one thing that they cannot control in their lives.

Scholfield goes on to ask how their current habits of sharing everything will continue with their children, to which the twins reply ‘yes’.

Anna explains: “We’d like to do the tasks and the job the same.”

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Lucy then quips: “Obviously, if the baby had a yoghurt, maybe the other baby would have a yoghurt the same size.”

Schofield suggests that their children may have their own likes and dislikes and their kids might not like the same stuff.

He then asks the sisters whether they’d be OK if the babies weren’t the same, to which they respond: “As long as they are happy and healthy that’s all that matters to us.”

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