Woman Donated Husband’s Body To Science But It Ended Up Being Blown Up By Military

A woman was left devastated after donating her husband's body to science -only for it to be blown up by the military.
Credit: CBS News

A woman was left devastated after donating her husband’s body to science – only for it to be blown up by the military.

Steve Hansen signed up to be an organ donor after deciding that he wanted his body to be used for science.

Sadly, he died in 2012 from cirrhosis of the liver – meaning that his body was rejected by medical professionals

However, his wife was shocked to hear what his body was actually used for.

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Medics told Steve’s wife, Jill, that his body was not healthy enough to be used in the medical field, but suggested that it could be used for science.

She agreed to the idea as she believed it would be good for doctors to learn about the effects of alcohol on the body after he signed up through the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

This is a statute that requires donors or their loved ones to provide informed consent before a donation takes place.

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Speaking to CBS, Jill explains: “What I envisioned was him being in some medical facility.

“I just thought, what a great candidate for them to learn about the results of alcoholism and what it does to a body.”

However, she was devastated to hear that his body was instead sold to the Department of Defence.

She then found out that Steve’s body was used as a crash dummy in a simulated explosion.

Jill continued: “They told me specifically that my husband had been used as a crash test dummy in a simulated Humvee explosion.”

Jill Hansen
Jill Hansen was shocked to find out her husband’s body was not used for medical research – despite being told it would. Credit: CBS

The widower soon uncovered that his body was sold by Stephen Gore – the founder of the now-closed Phoenix body donation facility.

His company sold Steve’s body without Jill’s consent, along with thousands of others, and was used to conduct military and ballistics tests – despite their family being told the bodies would be used for medical research.

This left the grieving wife absolutely heartbroken and she was apologetic to her husband.

“I was devastated. I would’ve never done it if I had known. I just kept telling him I was sorry,” Jill said.

Steve and Jill Hansen
Steve Hansen’s body was used as a crash dummy and was blown up. Credit: CBS

Gore was eventually arrested for his dealings in 2014 after the FBI raided his home.

According to CBS, some FBI workers needed trauma therapy due to the disturbing and graphic imagery that was visible.

An FBI agent told the court: “I personally observed several individuals emotionally upset. Some individuals refused to go back into the scene.”

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A jury awarded $58 million (£42 million) to 10 of 21 families against Gore.

While Gore pleaded guilty to Illegal Control of an Enterprise for violating donor consent agreements and was sentenced to four years probation and one year in jail.

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