Woman ‘Makes More Than $600,000 A Month Filming Herself Eating’

A woman reportedly 'makes over $600,000 a month simply by filming herself eating a ton of food'. 
Credit: HunniBee ASMR via YouTube

A woman reportedly ‘makes over $600,000 a month by filming herself eating a ton of food’. 

Naomi MacRae, who goes by the name HunniBee on YouTube, has accumulated a whopping 7.68million subscribers by creating ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the social media star opened up about her unusual job, and how some people question the nature of her videos.

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Naomi MacRae
Naomi MacRae reportedly ‘makes over $600,000 a month by filming herself eating a ton of food’. Credit: HunniBee ASMR via YouTube

She told the publication: “The biggest misconception would be that I am trying to eat sexually or act sexual by whispering, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

“My demographics are viewers aged from two to 30 years old and are 85 percent women and children. I would never want a child, woman, man, grandma, grandpa, anyone feeling uncomfortable watching my videos or feeling a sexual underlying vibe.”

MacRae went on to say that her parents even watch her content, as well as a ton of ‘conservative’ people.

Elsewhere in the interview, the YouTuber said that her subscribers enjoy her ASMR videos so much because she shows herself eating ‘delicious’ food that sounds ‘satisfying’ when she tucks into it.

In one of her latest videos, MacRae ate an array of bizarre items, including an edible hairbrush, champagne bottle and spoons.

Over in the comments, fans tell her how much they love watching her videos.

“This is aesthetic and really good ASMR!!! I love it,” one subscriber enthused.

Another viewer added: “I remember my brother randomly watching this and it was satisfying so I searched you up on YouTube this person. [This] is literally what made me know ASMR was real.”

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