‘My Mother Slept With My Husband 48 Hours Before Our Wedding And Won’t Apologise’

A Redditor has shared her story after her mum slept with her husband just two days before their wedding and refused to apologise...
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A woman has taken to Reddit and shared the heartbreaking story of betrayal after her mother slept with her husband. 

Stories like this are typically reserved for soap operas.

It’s difficult to imagine that such betrayals could actually happen in real life…

But it turns out, the truth can be even more scandalous than fiction.

And one woman has shared her story of the ultimate deception, leaving the internet shocked…

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One commenter writes: “This is something I would expect my mother to do if she had been more involved in my life while I was married.”

Another user comments: “I am so sorry for her. She has a piece of s*** for a husband and an awful mother. Really hope she has a beautiful life and these cheaters f*** off.”

“What he did was unforgivable. As for her mum… holy f***ing s***! This is the same woman who is supposed to love her child more than anyone or anything else,” a third person says.

In her Reddit post, the anonymous writer pens: “My hen party was the same night. I came home around 3am to see he wasn’t in our bed. I texted him but assumed he had crashed with a friend as he’d said he might do that if things got crazy.

“But he was actually with my mother. Right in the room next door. The next morning, he quietly slipped out while I was still asleep. Then opened the door pretending he’d just come home after sleeping off the drunkenness at his friends. He got into bed with me and told me that lie.

“As if that wasn’t enough, he also initiated s** soon after. He’d been with my mother mere hours before. We got married the very next day.”

Couple arguing.
A woman has taken to Reddit and shared the heartbreaking story of betrayal after her mother slept with her husband. Credit: Alamy

In spite of this, the couple went ahead with their nuptials – and it was two years before the OP learned the truth.

She adds: “F*** everything. I literally cannot believe this. My mother has a history of trying to flirt with guys I’ve dated and being inappropriate (not this bad but still). My husband knew this. We’d laughed about it, he assured me he would never in a million years think she was attractive. What the f***.”

Even more shockingly, the Redditor’s mum tried to deny the cheating.

The Redditor continues: “She spent several minutes pretending not to know what I was talking about. Then denying everything and saying he was making it up

“Then, claiming she’d woken up to my husband forcing himself on her! The sheer audacity of the bulls*** she is capable of is beyond any disgust I can properly convey.

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“I eventually just ended the call, I could not stop crying, she refused to even admit the truth let alone take any responsibility or apologise. I’m not even worth basic honesty in my own mother’s eyes. I’m not even worth a half-a**ed ‘I’m sorry’ to her. The person who’s supposed to love you no matter what.

“Everything feels unreal. I’m completely lost and almost feel like I dreamed this or something. I’ve lost the two most important people in my life. Because they decided that I wasn’t as important to them as having a quick f***. Well, hope it was the best 10 minutes of their lives.”

The betrayed wife concludes: “What can I do now? How do I possibly explain to the rest of my family why we’re divorcing? I am so f***ing humiliated.”

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