Netflix Drops Its Most-Anticipated Mystery Thriller Series

Netflix has dropped its most-anticipated mystery thriller series, 1899.
Credit: Netflix

One of the most anticipated mystery thrillers of all time is set to land on Netflix this week. 

Its creators are hoping that the show will enjoy the same critical and commercial successes as its predecessor.

2017’s Dark is widely regarded as one of the best series ever streamed on the platform.

The German-language show was based on the search for a missing child over its three series.

It eventually became a ‘mind-bending’, ‘time-shifting’ experience for viewers.

Watch the official trailer for 1899 below…

Dark boasts one of the highest Rotten Tomatoes scores for any TV show ever with 95 per cent, and an audience rating of 94 per cent.

The creators of that show, Jantje Friese and Baron bo Odar, have now put together another high-concept Netflix series called 1899.

The plot is covered in mystery and revolves around a steam liner at the turn of the 20th century.

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The boat is filled with people heading for a new continent and life when they meet another ship along the way and the voyage descends into a chaotic nightmare.

Just over a year ago, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, said 1899 will be using the most ‘advanced production technology in the world’.

The set for the show is entirely virtual and, judging by the trailer, fans can expect some pretty mesmerising viewing.

Critics have agreed that it’s a magical watch, with many saying that it contains the same kind of twists and turns that made Dark so remarkably popular.

Andreas Pietschmann in Netflix's 1899.
1899 is a highly anticipated Netflix thriller. Credit: Netflix

However, some feel that it may not be quite as successful as its predecessor.

The Inverse wrote: “Odar and Friese are back with 1899, a far more ambitious and blatant ‘mystery box’.

“But while all the fundamentals are there, the lighting in a bottle that made Dark so captivating isn’t present (at least not yet).”

The Financial Times explained: “While the show succeeds in cultivating an increasingly eerie atmosphere, it comes at the expense of compelling dialogue and characterisations.”

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On the other hand, The Telegraph is more optimistic, noting that 1899 ‘is an expertly-crafted puzzle which, from episode four on, goes to truly mind-bending places… for those who enjoy drama that challenges as much as it dazzles, 1899 is a date worth keeping.”

Radio Times were also impressed, writing: “This genre-bending mystery set on the high-seas has been brought to the screen with much thought and care.”

Conversely, Metro did not enjoy the surrealism, noting: “1899 is much more interested in stirring up a mood of menace and bafflement than it is in straightforward storytelling. 

“As elusive as a dream you can’t remember 20 minutes after you’ve woken up, it’s like a murder mystery weekend dreamt up by Salvador Dali.”

1899 will be available to watch from November 17, with the first series comprising of eight episodes.

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