Netflix Turns Cancelled TV Series Into Its Most-Watched Show In World

Netflix has turned Manifest, a once-cancelled show, into one of its most-watched programmes on the streaming service.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix turned a once-cancelled series into one of its most-watched shows in the world.

The platform is known for cancelling popular shows – but it’s also given struggling programmes new life.

This includes a TV series about the passengers and crew of a commercial flight who suddenly reappear after going missing for five and a half years.

And now fans are calling it the ‘best show’ on Netflix.

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Manifest originally aired in 2018 and was distributed by NBC.

Three seasons of the show aired on the network before it was cancelled in June 2021, shelving a proposed fourth season, despite the third series ending on a cliffhanger.

However, in August 2021, Netflix picked up the rights to the programme and greenlit season four, reports The Hollywood Reporter

Since appearing on the streaming service, it has become one of its most-watched shows, with a viewership number of over 57 million, according to Variety

The first part of season four came out in November 2022 and the second half of the series is expected to come out in June 2023, reports GamesRadar

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Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela Stone in the show, has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about the series being initially cancelled and then revitalised.

When asked how she felt about Manifest being dropped and what the process was like while negotiations between NBC and Netflix happened.

Netflix has turned a once-cancelled show into one of its most-watched programmes on the streaming service. Credit: Netflix

Roxburgh says: “There were a good two to three months of emotional downs when we knew we were getting cancelled but hadn’t gotten the official word. 

“Then once Netflix came into the picture, there was another month’s worth of ups and downs because we didn’t know what that exactly meant or what it would look like. 

“There were talks about an hour-long movie, about six episodes just to wrap things up. By the time we heard we were getting 20 episodes, we’d been angry, happy, sad, all of it.

“It was an obvious yes because it was the best offer for the show.”

Roxburgh adds that she felt like the show had much more creative ‘freedom’ once Netflix acquired the show.

The actress explains: “I noticed that we had more freedom. Netflix bought us for a reason, and it felt like they trusted those creatives on the show to keep doing what they had been doing. 

“They had their input, but there was just a lot more trust and freedom from Netflix as opposed to NBC.”

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Fans of the show have been discussing their excitement for its revival on social media.

One person shares: “Thank you Netflix for saving it and a hahaha goes out to you-know-who for not realising what they had.”

“Yeah because it’s the freaking best show Netflix ever had,” adds someone else.

A third fan comments: “Thank you Netflix. Manifest fans owe you a debt of gratitude. I love this show.”

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