1998 Argos Catalogue Prices Leave People Gobsmacked

A TikTok video featuring a 1998 Argos catalogue has taken the internet by storm and viewers are shocked by the prices.
Credit: @daniellesgamess/TikTok

A TikTok video featuring the 1998 Argos catalogue on the internet has gone viral, leaving viewers astonished by the prices of items from that era.

There was nothing quite like the joy of diligently flipping through every single page of the Argos catalogue before your birthday or Christmas.

On the front cover of the vintage catalogue, you could find an old CD player/speaker system, a drill, a set of tables and chairs or even the iconic red and yellow Little Tikes car that was the envy of every toddler.

Regrettably, the Argos catalogue has become a relic, as the retail chain discontinued its iconic directory in July 2020 after 47 years.

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Recently, a video has surfaced wherein an old Argos catalogue is meticulously reviewed to identify every gaming console available during that era.

The Nintendo Game Boy, complete with two games and a case, was priced at £53.99 back then. When you consider this, it’s quite apparent how much progress we’ve made in terms of technological advancements!

Moving on to the original PlayStation, it came in at a cost of £129, which included two controllers and, believe it or not, a memory card.

Argos catalogue
Viewers were thrilled by getting to see the older issues of the catalogue. Credit: @daniellesgames/TikTok

Prepare to be amazed by the next revelation, if you can remember back to the time of the the 14″ box TVs!

Back in 1998, you could acquire one of these for a grand total of £229, or opt for a monthly instalment of £9. We’re not entirely certain how many months you’d be on the hook for that one, though…

For those who were feeling particularly extravagant, there was also the option of the 20″ TV for a price of £429.

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Nostalgia is a favourite pastime for us Brits, and the comments section is buzzing with viewers sharing their own memories.

One user writes: “I used to cut out what I wanted to make a collage and hand it to my mum.”

A second user says: “You can get a 40” TV now for the same price as a 14” one back then!”

@daniellesgamess I used to circle things knowing fully well I’d never get them 😂 but this catalogue hits me in the feels #argoscatalogue #retrogamer #nostalgia #90skids #fyp #argos #retrogames #retro ♬ Agape – Nicholas Britell

“This genuinely makes me sad, I really miss the old days!” adds a third user.

In an official announcement regarding the discontinuation of the catalogue, an Argos representative stated: “We’re seeing an increasing shift towards digital shopping, using our mobile app, website and in-store browsers.”

“Closing the book on the catalogue will help us focus on delivering exciting and inspiring digital shopping experiences to meet the changing needs of our customers, both in-store and online.”

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