Woman Discovers What The Extra Section In Shopping Trolley Is For

Have you ever wondered what the extra section in the trolley is for? Well, one woman has figured it out and is sharing the revelation with others. 
Credit: @moneymumofficial/TikTok

Have you ever wondered what the extra section in the trolley is for? Well, one woman has figured it out and is sharing the revelation with others. 

In a delightful TikTok revelation, one savvy mom, known as Money Mum on the platform, has shared a surprising discovery about shopping trolleys that left her rather excited.

Gemma Bird is known for sharing financial tips and life hacks with her followers.

And this time, she stumbled upon the hidden purposes of the extra components in a shopping trolley.

As a child, a shopping trolley was a magical vehicle that whisked you away on free rides through the supermarket, allowing you to secretly sneak in some sweets while your parents were momentarily distracted.

And, let’s not forget those mischievous adventures with abandoned trolleys on drunken nights out, which often ended with someone being flung over the side and rolling onto the curb.

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However, moving on to the actual, practical side of trolleys, Bird, the Money Mum, had an eye-opening revelation while on a food shopping trip.

She discovered that the two metal holes that flip onto the small section at the end of the trolley are perfectly designed to hold a bunch of flowers and a baguette.

In her TikTok post, Bird wrote: “I cannot get over I didn’t know this is what they are for.”

While this revelation was new for Bird, not all her followers were as surprised as she was about the purpose of the two holes and the smaller compartment in the trolley.

Bird finally realised what the extra compartment on a shopping trolley was for. Credit: @moneymumofficial/TikTok

One person said: “Pretty sure there used to be instructions on the trolley handle to tell you what they were for. Either way, pretty obvious really.”

Another added: “Yes. Some of us been doing this for years but I think I’m a bit older than you, sweet.”

A third joked: “I thought they were for wine,” while a fourth claimed: “I’ve never seen these on trolleys.”

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Regardless, organisation is crucial during a supermarket visit, especially when faced with a speedy checkout experience, where items are scanned at lightning speed before you have a chance to open a plastic bag.

So, the next time you do your weekly shop, why not test out Bird’s hack and make use of those extra components in the shopping trolley?

Trolley with baguette and flowers in.
The extra space is actually so a baguette, flowers or other tall items can be stood up. Credit: @moneymumofficial/TikTok

Grab a bunch of flowers, a baguette, or a couple of bottles of wine, and discover the added convenience these hidden gems offer during your shopping adventures.

It’s all about making life a little bit easier, one grocery trip at a time.

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