Woman Says Man’s Aggressive Outburst At Gym Is Proof ‘Women Aren’t Safe In 2024’

Adult star Madi Ruvee videoed a man's aggressive outburst at her gym, claiming it's proof 'women aren’t safe in 2024'. 
Credit: @madi.ruve/Instagram

A woman videoed a man’s outburst at her gym, claiming it’s proof ‘women aren’t safe in 2024’. 

Going to the gym is never easy – but as a woman, it can be even more uncomfortable.

Many women have drawn attention to how nerve-racking their workouts can be – especially thanks to certain men at the gym.

A survey from Run Repeat in 2021 suggested 56% of women reported facing harassment during their workouts, per the BBC.

And now, one adult star has gone viral after sharing a clip of a man interrupting her gym session.

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Ruvee was filming herself doing squat pulses when she was interrupted by a man.

Her camera was turned on, and so his full tirade against her was captured on film.

Ruvee posted the now-deleted video to TikTok, but the comments section was divided over who was right.

Some believe Ruvee’s technique was to blame for the uncomfortable encounter.

Madi Ruvee
Madi Ruvee shared a video of a man’s outburst at the gym and it’s gone viral. Credit: @madi.ruve/Instagram

“I work at a gym and have never seen anyone do what you were doing,” one writes.

“Looks nothing like pulse squats,” another agrees.

Other commenters are angry at Ruvee for filming herself in a public place.

“Ban video recording in gyms!!” one demands.

“Cameras should be banned, and she should 100 per cent be banned forever,” another shares.

While a third writes: “It’s the facial expressions. Pulse squats is one thing but adding facial expressions to make it look like something else is where she went wrong.”

Madi Ruvee
People have been left divided in the comments. Credit: @madi.ruve/Instagram

In the video, a man approaches Ruvee while asking: “What are you doing?”

She explains it’s a leg warm-up, and he replies: “I know what you’re doing.”

The man then accuses Ruvee of being ‘what’s wrong with girls’, at which point the woman asks him: “Are you pointing at me?”

He goes on to describe her behaviour as ‘ridiculous’ before kicking her phone away, seemingly breaking the screen.

Later on, Ruvee speculates that the man knew who she was and that he was angry because of her OFs fame.

“I can’t believe I’m not allowed to stretch at the gym because of what I do for work,” she shares on Instagram.

“Before I started OFs I was doing the same stretch before every leg day,” she says in a follow-up TikTok video.

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“And all the people saying that I deserve to have my phone kicked, I deserve to be harassed in public because I was minding my business in the smallest corner of the gym… is there a rule that says no phones? No there’s not. Was it on a tripod? Was I being obnoxious? No, I wasn’t. Was I being loud? No.

“So it’s really sad to me to see all these comments saying that I deserve something because I went to the gym and was stretching.”

There has since been some speculation on X, formerly known as Twitter, about whether or not the video was a staged skit.


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