Plus-Size Influencer Films Woman Laughing At Her At The Gym

A plus-size influencer was left humiliated when she was 'laughed at in the gym for recording herself working out'. 
Credit: @bethyred/TikTok

A plus-size woman has gone viral on social media after filming a woman laughing at her at the gym. 

Bethy Red, who has over 630,000 followers on Instagram, describes herself a ‘plus-size woman [who is] trying to make the world more accepting’.

Recently, she took to TikTok and uploaded a video of an awkward encounter she had when exercising.

Watch as a married man hits on a woman at the gym..

She captioned the post: “So this happened,” alongside an upside-down smile emoji.

In the clip, Red can be seen wearing workout gear and fixing her hair in the mirror.

A stranger who is standing behind her then asks her: “Girl, what are you doing? Are you taking videos of yourself?”

“Yeah,” Red replies.

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In response, the woman questions: “You are? Well, why? For your own documentation or what?”

Red then explains to the stranger that she’s filming herself for her blog, to which the woman shrieks with laughter.

As the stranger then leaves, they remark: “Well, have fun,” while laughing again.

At the time of writing, Red’s clip has accumulated a staggering 9.2 million views and many have blasted the gymgoer’s behaviour.


So this happened ?

♬ original sound – bethy red

One viewer pens: “She goes to the gym because she hates herself. You go because you love yourself.

“That’s the only difference that matters.”

Another adds: “Sounds like the kinda girl who peaked in high school.”

“My blood is boiling watching this,” a third person comments.

While a fourth says: “Oh my goodness, how awful of her. You are seriously a goddess and her jealousy is showing!”

“People film in the gym all the time, it’s not a big deal – you do you girl and get it!” someone else says.

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In a follow-up clip, Red reveals that originally, she had exposed the woman. However, this led to many TikTokers misidentifying the person.

The influencer says: “Please stop looking for the person! A lot of innocent people are getting death threats and hate messages for nothing!”

She adds: “I didn’t know TikTok was this intense, and when people said ‘pull up’ and ‘beat her up’, I thought people were joking.”

Red went on to say that the main reason she decided to upload the original clip was that she wanted to encourage people to show ’empathy and kindness’.

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Written by Aimee Walker

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