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Woman Left In Tears After Getting Matching Tattoo With Friend – As Inking Looks Rude

TikToker Alaina Nicole was left horrified when she saw that her butterfly tattoo looked unintentionally rude.
Credit: @ianicole001/TikTok

A woman who got a sentimental matching tattoo with her friend has been left distraught after realising the inking looks rather rude…

When choosing a tattoo design, it’s important to remember that it is permanent.

So you really need to have a long, hard think before you make a decision that you’re going to be stuck with – for life.

One woman has gone viral after learning this lesson, to her great cost.

She wanted to get a sweet matching tattoo with a friend, but the end result was not what she wanted…

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Alaina Nicole wanted to get a matching inking with her friend.

The sweet design was supposed to commemorate their relationship and serve as a sentimental reminder to the pair.

The problem is that the finished result did not look anything like what the friends had in mind.

Nicole and her pal had opted for a butterfly inking. But the end results looked rather more like… something else.

The tattoo was so bad that upon seeing it for the first time, the TikToker was reduced to tears.

Aliana Nicole
Aliana Nicole wanted to get a special tattoo alongside her friend – but it didn’t go to plan. Credit: @ianicole001/TikTok

People have been left absolutely shocked at the awful ink.

One person claims the tattoo artist pranked the girls intentionally, writing: “Whoever did this knew. They knew.”

Another agrees: “The tattoo ‘artist’ knew what they were doing.”

However, once Nicole showed the intended design to her followers, many believed the artist was only following directions.

“I mean is it me or does it look exactly the same?” asks one.

Someone else says in agreement: “I mean, that’s what you got.”

“They look exactly the same tho,” another claims. “It’s just where y’all got it at.”

While somebody else comments: “I think it’s the placement. It should be on fingers, not your arm.”

Others have offered advice, with one person suggesting: “What if you each completed the other half and then coloured in opposite halves? That could be a potential fix.”

A second advises: “Finish the butterfly and colour one side. She does the same and colours the opposite side.”

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“When you try to get cute matching bestie tattoos and you get two limp d***s instead!” Nicole writes on TikTok.

The idea was for the two friends to get half of a butterfly, which, when placed together, would make up the whole picture.

It’s a similar idea to the ‘best friend’ necklaces of the 90s.

The problem is, that just one wing of a butterfly looks rather phallic when separated from its other half.

Nicole has since revealed the pair have amended their unintentionally naughty designs and created a shared butterfly emblem that they both like.

And, most importantly, the new inkings can’t be mistaken for anything else!

@lanicole001 When you try to get cute matching bestie tattoos and you get two limp d*cks instead! #wheninnash #ohno #coverup #tattoo ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

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