Woman Left In Tears After Getting Huge Back Tattoo That Looks ‘Nothing Like What She Asked For’

A woman has been left in tears after getting a huge back tattoo that she says looks nothing like what she asked for. 
Credit: @user8171938461618394/TikTok

A woman has broken down in tears after getting a huge back tattoo that she says looks nothing like what she asked for. 

There are plenty of tattoo stories that have gone viral, from the woman who found out her upside-down pineapple inking had a rude meaning, to the woman who got an inking on the outside of her lip instead of the inside.

However, one woman’s story has topped them all – as she’s broken down in a video after seeing the end results of her inking.

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The TikToker, whose name is unknown, has taken to the social media platform and shared an emotional video of herself tearing up.

It’s captioned: “#tattoofail #livelaughlove.”

While text on the video reads: “When your tattoo is nothing like you asked for and it’s huge.”

In the clip, she cries: “I’m literally stuck with this f***ing thing for the rest of my life. It looks nothing like the picture, I don’t know what to do.”

The woman goes on to claim that she gave the tattoo artist a photo of what she wanted and he said he’d made some tweaks to suit his own art style.

She says she has been to him twice before and previously, he had done ‘good work’.

Woman's back tattoo.
This is the tattoo the woman wanted. Credit: @user8171938461618394/TikTok

On the day the woman got the inking, she says the artist showed her a picture of the stencil on her back and at the time, she was happy with it.

However, upon reflection, she says she wishes she’d look at it from more angles, or in a mirror.

“It’s my fault, I didn’t look hard enough… I didn’t look close enough,” she admits.

“So yes, I did see the stencil, it was on my body but I didn’t see any angle, it was only the angle he took of the picture.”

The woman says when she saw the finished results, she burst into tears and continued to cry on the way home.

Her video has accumulated more than 2.6 million views and hundreds have taken to the comments and shared their thoughts.


#tattoofail #livelaughlove

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Many have said they disagree with the woman and think it looks very similar to the inspo photo she had.

“It’s literally what you showed him lol,” one insists.

Another adds: “It looks good, what do you mean.”

Somebody else comments: “I like it better than the first picture! It’s cute.”

Woman's back tattoo.
The woman ended up with this tattoo. Credit: @user8171938461618394/TikTok

While others have taken to the comments and suggested the woman simply needs to get more shading.

“I actually like it more than the picture, I think some shading will do wonders,” one person reassures her.

In agreement, another adds: “I feel like it looks better than the picture, just add shading.”

In one of the videos discussing the tattoo, the woman goes on to comment: “It’s not what I wanted. When you have expectations for something, you’re going to be upset about it.”

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