Flight Attendant Warns Of The Three Major Mistakes You’re Making When You Book Plane Tickets

A flight attendant has shared the three major mistakes people make when they book plane tickets.
Credit: @xoblondevoyage/Instagram

A flight attendant has shared the three major mistakes people make when they book plane tickets.

It’s getting closer to that time of year when we start to think about our holiday plans.

Whether it is a relaxing vacation on the beach or a city break to a foreign country, you can’t help feeling a bit excited about a well-deserved getaway.

But if you plan to book a holiday soon, you may want to listen to this flight attendant who has taken to social media to share some major mistakes people make when booking their plane tickets.

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While some of us like to think that our holiday starts the moment we arrive at the airport, we can all agree that it can be a stressful experience.

From long queues, delays and the dreaded possibility of a flight cancellation – let’s not even mention the fear of losing your luggage once you land at your destination – the airport can potentially ruin someone’s holiday before it even starts.

Holidaymakers certainly have to go through a lot before they can truly start relaxing and enjoying their getaway.

That’s why air hostess, Caroline, has taken to Instagram to raise awareness of some simple mistakes that people make when booking their plane tickets.

Flight attendant Caroline.
The flight attendant has shared some helpful advice for people planning on going on holiday. Credit: @xoblondevoyage/Instagram

Firstly, she says not many people consider long layover times – the time needed between changing flights on the same journey.

She suggests you give yourself a minimum of two hours or three hours as it gives you enough time to get through customs and security for the second leg of the flight.

Caroline adds: “You don’t want to be stressed and rushing from your flight and not make the next flight and then the one after is oversold.”

Next, the air hostess recommends that you book the earliest flight possible.

You would like to think that, the later the flight, the more likely you are to avoid delays and stressful experiences at the airport.

But Caroline advises against this, as she explains: “I know you don’t want to wake up at three in the morning to catch a 5am flight.

“But I promise you the earlier your flight is, the smoother everything is going to go.”

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Finally, she says that travellers often make the mistake of not downloading the airline’s app.

She says that it can make your travel journey a much smoother experience, explaining: “It will help you out so much as you are travelling throughout the airport.

“You can find out if there are any delays and get information on your connecting flight and which gate it is at. There is just so much information on them.”

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