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Woman Accidentally Gets Tattoo On Outside Of Lip Instead Of Inside

A woman accidentally got a 'meow' tattoo on the outside of her lip instead of the inside.
Credit: @wilmah10/TikTok

A woman is going viral after accidentally getting a tattoo on the outside of her lip instead of the inside. 

When you get an inking and it goes wrong it can be absolutely heartbreaking – partly due to how expensive it is to fix.

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But it’s also crushing when it’s a tattoo you’ve envisioned having for ages.

Now one woman’s ink fail is circulating on TikTok.

Wilma Hägglund, from Sweden, wanted a tattoo on the inside of her lip – a trend known as ‘hidden ink’.

Wilma Hägglund
‘Hidden ink’ is a tattoo trend that is becoming popular, as it fades faster and is hidden away. Credit: @wilmah10/TikTok

Glamour explains that one of the appealing parts of this kind of inking is that it’s said to fade faster than on other areas of the body, and tends to have a shelf life of around five years.

Kim Kardashian is not the first celeb to stick her lip out for a permanent marker – Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Kesha and Madison Beer have all braved the tattoo parlour for some inner pout work,” the publication adds.

Tattoo artist Adam Claridge says: “I’ve done quite a few now and they’re always fun to work on because you’d be surprised to see what people get tattooed there.

“It’s somewhere where the designs can be quite silly because they stay hidden away.”

However, for Hägglund, participating in this body modification trend majorly backfired.

Wilma Hägglund
Wilma Hägglund accidentally got a tattoo on the outside of her lip instead of the inside. Credit: @wilmah10/TikTok

Instead, she ended up with the word on the outside of her lip – and it left her traumatised.

Hägglund aired her frustrations on TikTok, saying: “He tattooed on the wrong place in my f***ing mouth.”

Many people took to the comments and asked how this could happen.

One person questioned: “Did she not feel him tattooing the wrong part of her lip?”

Another asked: “How did you not know he was tattooing your actual lips instead of the inside?!”

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Some people were more supportive in the comments, offering Hägglund suggestions on how to cover it up.

“It’ll go away in a little bit. Tattoos don’t last very long on the lips,” one TikToker said.

A second commented: “You’re lucky because tattoos on the lips fade away.”

While a third person wrote: “You are lucky these fade very quickly because the mouth is moist all the time.”

Wilma Hägglund
This is how the tattoo looked before laser treatment. Credit: @wilmah10/TikTok

In Hägglund’s follow-up post, she shared that she had undergone her first laser treatment and you could see that it had started to fade.

The TikToker showed the transformation to being ink-free on her face in a third post. 

Many people have taken to the comments and said they need a whole storytime on how the tattoo mishap came to be, with one writing: “I just wanna know why she got it!”

Another demanded: “OK but we need a whole storytime.”

@wilmah10 Its gone🥂 thank god to laser #foryou #meow ♬ original sound – Mikey Poulli

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