Former Escort Explains The Three Main Reasons Why Men Cheat

A former escort has explained the three main reasons why men cheat. 
Credit: @amandagoffofficial/Instagram & Alamy

A former escort has shared the three main reasons why men cheat. 

Samantha X, whose real name is Amanda Goff, is a retired s** worker who often makes headlines for opening up about the industry.

She also discusses her past on Instagram, where she has more than 34,000 followers.

In her column for the Daily Mail, Goff has shared her thoughts on infidelity and explained why men make the decision to stray.

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Infidelity is s**ual or emotional activity outside the agreed-upon relationship boundaries – it can be kissing someone.

According to the Institute for Family Studies, ‘men are more likely than women to cheat’.

The institute claims that approximately 20 per cent of men have slept with someone other than their spouse while married, with it being 13 per cent of women, as per Choosing Therapy.

So let’s take a look at the potential reasons why men may cheat on women, according to Goff.

Couple in bed.
The former escort says that some men cheat as they’re looking for some kind of connection. Credit: Alamy

Goff says that the worst thing a couple can do is ‘walk down the aisle and get married’.

The columnist tells the Daily Mail that she has ‘expertise’ on the matter after ditching a ‘normal life’ in her thirties to become a s** worker.

However, she does clarify that she isn’t a psychologist. She also disclaims that it’s ‘not all men, not all marriages and it is never your fault’.

Goff says that one of the main reasons men seek out an escort is to find a connection.

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Although it may look like it from the outside, she says it isn’t all about s**.

“The service that was requested most was the girlfriend experience – and that meant listening, supporting, and guiding,” she reveals.

Goff says that the stereotype around men is that they don’t want to open up about their feelings and that they’re actually ’emotional and extremely vulnerable’.

So through seeing an escort, they can let these frustrations out.

The columnist shares the second and probably most obvious reason that men cheat – because they want foreplay and to spend time on s**.

The former escort says that men are keen to engage in foreplay and don’t want this intimate time to be rushed. Credit: Alamy

She explains that men ‘want to spend hours in bed’ but that they have gotten ‘sick of being rejected’ by their partners.

Plus, they hate when women ‘want it all to be over’ and immediately watch TV or go on their phones afterwards.

And the third and final reason is that they know that you have cheated before.

Goff claims that men are typically ‘the ones that get caught’ but it doesn’t mean they’re the only ones in the relationship being unfaithful.

“While a wife may turn a blind eye to her husband’s slip up, men won’t,” she says. “Their ego won’t allow it.”

Goff has also shared the three reason main reasons why women may cheat.

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