Mum Left Traumatised After Friend Starts Breastfeeding Her Baby Without Consent

A mum was left traumatised after her friend started breastfeeding her baby without consent. 
Credit: @afieqahhasanah/TikTok

A mum was left traumatised after her friend started breastfeeding her baby without consent. 

A Malaysian woman has taken to TikTok and gone viral after opening up about the moment that has ‘haunted’ her.

She took to the social media platform, where she has over 520,000 followers, and recalled the incident.

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According to a translation of the video by Asia One, the mum left her infant, Haider, in the care of her friend while she was preparing for a gathering.

The post is captioned: “Which mother can accept it? I don’t know how to say it. Pray I can forget all this.”

The mum reportedly says in the video: “At the time, I was busy carrying things, and when I arrived, she asked me for Haider, so I just gave him [to her] because she was someone close to me.

“I didn’t expect that she could do such a thing.”

She adds: “But suddenly while I was carrying those things, I saw that she was, like, doing something at the back in an open hall.

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“Turns out, she was breastfeeding Haider.”

The mum says that when she confronted her friend, their excuse was that the baby was ‘crying’. However, she doubts this – as her son had just been breastfed by herself.

She continues: “So I couldn’t accept her excuse and I don’t know… I’ll be haunted by this incident.

“Which mother can accept her baby being directly breastfed by someone else while the mother herself has breastmilk?”

Shockingly, the woman would reportedly carry out the act again.

The mum was left traumatised after her friend started breastfeeding her baby without consent. Credit: @afieqahhasanah/TikTok

Apparently, the woman’s mother caught the friend breastfeeding her son again at a later date.

“She was caught not once, but twice. I caught her breastfeeding my baby during the first time,” she adds.

“The second time, it was my mother [who caught her]. Now, I’m having a tough time shaking it off my mind.”

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The mum says she now finds it ‘difficult’ to trust others and that she’s been left ‘very disheartened’ by the situation.

She comments: “I take good care of my children, ensuring that nobody randomly kisses or hugs them because I’m afraid of them getting infected by diseases.”


mak mana je yang boleh terima 😌 tak tahu lah nak cakap macam mana . doakan saya boleh lupakan semua ni .

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The parent’s video has since been viewed a staggering 2.9 million times and hundreds have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

“How can one even do that without thinking?! It’s so frustrating to hear this,” one person comments.

Another adds: “New fear unlocked.”

While a third says: “Don’t trust anyone after this.”

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