Adult Star Shares Most Common Mistake People Make In Bedroom

Adult star Isabelle Deltore has shared the most common mistakes people make in the bedroom.
Credit: @isabelledeltore/Instagram

Isabelle Deltore has shared the most common mistakes people make in the bedroom.

Deltore is regarded as one of Australia’s most successful adult stars, having been in the industry for nearly 15 years.

The part-time DJ gave up her job as a prison guard to pursue a career in the industry – which has paid off considering she now earns over six figures.

Her experience in the adult film business has also allowed her to open up about the most common mistakes people make while in the bedroom.

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In an interview with, Deltore says that she’s found that a lot of people don’t communicate well when it comes to s**.

The adult star explains: “From my experience, I’ve seen how people harbour a sense of shame attached to s**.

“Things like having s** with the lights off, not communication that they like or don’t like something and being embarrassed to try new things.”

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Deltore advises that people should become more comfortable in exploring themselves and their partners.

She adds that there is ‘absolutely no shame in a woman taking control of her s**uality’ and that women should ’embrace’ it.

Isabelle Deltore
Isabella Deltore believes that couples not communicating is the most common mistake people make in the bedroom. Credit: @isabelledeltore/Instagram

Deltore isn’t the only adult star to have offered some advice when it comes to the bedroom.

Adult star Angela White, 37, has also been candid when it comes to s** and says ‘many men’ are focusing on the wrong thing.

In a chat with DMARGE, the star agrees that communication is key and men simply need to talk to their partners more in order to have a better love life.

Angela White
Angela White says that men are focusing on the wrong thing in the bedroom. Credit: @theangelawhite/Instagram

She explains: “Good s** starts with communication.

“Being able to clearly communicate with your partner what you want and ask questions during s**.

“So ‘Do you like this, does that feel good, should I go faster, should I go softer?’.

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“Really being present with your partner and listening, I think that’s the most important thing.”

White adds: “I think too many men focus on the size of their d*** and not actually the person in front of them.”

When the adult star is then asked when chatting in the bedroom should come to an end, she replies: “I think everyone is going to be different when it comes to what is too much talk and what is the right amount of talk, but again that comes down to communication.”

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