Andrew Scott Praised For Handling ‘Appalling’ BAFTAs Question

Andrew Scott has been praised for handing an 'appalling' interview question at the BAFTAs
Credit: BBC

An awkward interview moment with Andrew Scott at last night’s BAFTAs has left the internet appalled and outraged.

The Sherlock star has been subject to major praise from critics and viewers for his starring role in the heartbreaking film All of Us Strangers.

But at last night’s BAFTAs, it seems an interviewer didn’t want to talk about any of that.

Instead, reporter Colin Paterson wanted to ask some bizarre and inappropriate questions that have left the internet cringing…

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In case you missed it, Saltburn was a British movie that got a lot of attention at the beginning of the year.

There was one famous scene, in particular, that had some on the internet wanting to ‘throw up’.

It gained five major BAFTA nominations, including Best Actor for its star, Barry Keoghan.

But there’s one important detail BBC presenter Paterson appears to have missed about the movie – and it has absolutely nothing, whatsoever, to do with Scott.

You probably best recognise Scott for his role in 1917, as the priest in Fleabag, or, most recently, for his devastating performance in All of Us Strangers.

Saltburn appears nowhere on this list, which is what made Paterson’s interview with Scott quite so inappropriate.

People are not happy about the strange and offensive interview moment.

Andrew Scott BAFTAs
Andrew Scott appeared uncomfortable in the interview. Credit: BBC

“This is frankly disgusting. Andrew Scott is there to support his multiple nominated film and THIS is what you ask? Then when he looks visibly uncomfortable the guy carries on. Truly horrid,” one fan pens on X, formerly Twitter.

Another adds: “Ask him about All of Us Strangers the Bafta-nominated film he is in… Andrew deserves an apology from the BBC.”

A third writes: “Shameful interview. Andrew Scott is so graceful.”

“Do you know Barry [Keoghan] well?’ reporter Paterson asks in the viral clip.

Scott politely smiles, then confirms he does know his fellow Irish actor.

Paterson then goes a step further, asking: “Can I ask your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?”

He continues: “There is a lot of talk about prosthetics, how well do you know him?”

Scott diplomatically replies: “Oh jeez, OK well I won’t spoil it for anybody but it was great, it was great.”

He then tries to get away from the interview.

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People have had some major objections to Paterson’s line of questioning, with one writing: “This is appalling: presenter Colin Paterson interviewing brilliant Andrew Scott and asking about a fellow actor’s g**itals (in a film Andrew is not even in).

“Because Andrew is also Irish, like Barry Keoghan? Because he’s gay? Baffling and insulting to both of these talented actors.”

“This is actually dreadful. And you can bet that this would not have been asked if Andrew wasn’t gay,” agrees another.

While others have taken to social media to praise Scott’s response, with one commenting: “Poor Andrew Scott. Handled it like a pro, but what a situation to put him in.”


And the award for ‘most awkward, cringe-worthy interview question ever’ goes to…the @BBC 🤦🏻 Andrew Scott just wanting to 🏃🏻💨 3#AndrewScott #bafta #BBC #Awks #Awkward #AllofUsStrangers #AOUStrangers #Saltburn #barrykeoghan #cringe

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