Hugh Grant Slammed For Extremely Awkward And ‘Rude’ Oscars Red Carpet Interview

Hugh Grant is being slammed for his 'rude' Oscars interview with model Ashley Graham.
Credit: ABC

Hugh Grant is being slammed for his extremely awkward and ‘rude’ Oscars red-carpet interview.

The Love Actually star, 62, has won numerous awards across his glittering career – but has never won or even been nominated for an Oscar.

And while he’s renowned for playing often charming and charismatic characters in films, he was far from that while being interviewed at this year’s event.

In fact, his treatment of one red-carpet interviewer has led to him being blasted on social media.

Watch Hugh Grant’s awkward Oscars interview below…

When model Ashley Graham, 35, manages to pull him to one side for a quick chat at the glitzy event, it becomes clear that Grant isn’t going to play ball.

When asked if he’s rooting for any of the nominees, he abruptly replies: “No one in particular.”

Graham, trying to get at least something out of the Notting Hill actor, asks Grant about his choice of clothing for the event – but this doesn’t go down too well either.

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She asks if he’s wearing any designer in particular that he might want to give a shoutout to, to which he replies: “Just wearing my suit.”

Determined to continue the interview, Graham then mentions a film Grant has recently been in, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

But it didn’t appear as though he wanted to talk about that either.

Graham comments that it must be fun to work on a movie like that, but Grant quickly points out that he was only in the film for a few seconds.

Hugh Grant at the Oscars 2023.
Hugh Grant is being slammed for his extremely awkward and ‘rude’ Oscars red-carpet interview. Credit: ABC

Graham responds by saying that despite his short cameo, it still must have been an enjoyable project.

“Almost,” Grant replies.

Tough crowd.

Footage of the awkward encounter is going viral on Twitter and viewers have had plenty to say about it.

One person writes: “And the Oscar for the guy who totally doesn’t want to be there goes to Hugh Grant.”

A second adds: “Anyone catch the eye roll Hugh Grant just gave after this live Oscars interview?

“Was he mad she called him a ‘veteran’ of the Oscars or was he just mad at the world?”

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Another says: “Hugh Grant is the biggest D bag for this interview. Hugh, if you don’t want to be there go home. Worst Oscars interviews ever.”

While a fourth person pens: “Is Hugh Grant just an arrogant d*** all the time? He was so rude to Ashley Graham on the red carpet, complete with an eye roll.

“Maybe he should stay at home if he’s too good for his industry of choice.”

However, some fans have taken to the comments and stuck up for Grant.

One person writes: “Still love him.”

While another says: “Hilarious, only there for the gift bag probably.

“She was expecting him to be gushing twaddle about some star and he simply couldn’t be bothered. Fair play.”

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