Woman Who Has Slept With Over 500 People Says All Men Make The Same Mistake In Bed

Annie Knight, the woman who slept with 300 people in a year, has revealed that all men make the same mistake in the bedroom. 
Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

The woman who slept with 300 people in a year has revealed that all men make the same mistake in the bedroom. 

Annie Knight, who has been named ‘Australia‘s most sexually active woman’, is making headlines with her viral antics.

After hitting her target of sleeping with 300 people in 2023, she’s now given herself a target for 2024 and has even shared her goal for 2025.

But while Knight has found success in her career and is apparently one of the top earners on OFs, it’s not been a completely easy journey for her…

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Knight revealed how she managed to hit such high, high numbers when appearing on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

She said: “I’m very consistent. I sent a video out every day and I always post photos every day.

“[It] makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good. It’s just fun and exciting. I’m down to try anything.”

During a Q&A, Knight also shared some candid info about her unusual career path, explaining that she’s ‘sacrificed a lot’.

Annie Knight
The woman who slept with 300 people in a year says she’s ‘sacrificed a lot’ on her career journey. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

One follower asked her: “How did you begin your journey to success you’ve achieved through OFs, and what advice would you give to someone starting out?”

Knight replied (via Daily Star): “Like everyone else… slow and steady. I did a lot of trial and error and tested out different marketing strategies.

“It took a year to get into the top 0.4% and 2.5 years to get into the top 0.02%. Success isn’t instant, I’ve sacrificed a lot and spent a lot of time building up my social media presence to get where I am now.”

She added: “I’d advise anyone starting out to make sure they’re aware that it’s a lot of hard work and money doesn’t just roll in the second you start an account. It’s a hustle.”

Knight also suggested researching ‘the hell out of all the girls doing well for themselves’ and figuring out their unique selling point.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight has her head screwed on and has a five-year plan in place. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

And it may surprise you to know that in spite of her controversial profession, Knight actually has her head screwed on – and even has a five-year plan!

The OFs star says she’d love three children one day, as well as ‘running her own business’ and living in her ‘dream’ home without a mortgage, per the Mirror.

But when it comes to settling down, Knight hasn’t found the perfect guy yet. She recently took to her Instagram stories and discussed the main reason she’s still single.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight plans to start a family one day. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

“Last year was meant to be my year of dating,” she explained.

“I went on six dates and they were all immediate nos for me and I got tired of it. So, I took a break in May.

“I have only just started dating again but the reason I’m single is, it’s hard to find a guy who ticks all my boxes.

“Which is honestly crazy because the boxes are very basic.”

And now, there’s one thing Knight says a lot of guys could improve on…

Annie Knight
Annie Knight has hit headlines once more – this time for telling her fans the one major mistake all men make in bed. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Knight says it’s ‘crazy’ how many don’t know how to pleasure with their fingers.

She tells fans (per the Daily Star): “Next to none of them make the time to find my ‘pleasure spot’, they’re all in-and-out, and one-and-done.

“Once they’ve failed at foreplay they go onto the main course and a lot of them act like a jackhammer. I’m not sure who taught them how to f*** but it wasn’t by a woman.”

She continues: “I can’t count how many times I’ve taught a man where the c***oris is or how to reach the G-spot.

“I’ve bled so many times from men being so rough, thinking the rougher the better, and it’s so not right!

“They don’t know anything but you can’t really blame them because it’s not like they’ve had anyone teach them. They’ve grown up watching p*** and think that’s how you f***.”

Annie Knight
Research suggests she isn’t the only woman who has complaints when it comes to the bedroom. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

And it appears Knight may not be the only woman who isn’t completely satisfied in the bedroom…

Research conducted as a part of Ann Summers’ recent Pleasure Positivity Project reveals that a staggering four in five women (81%) feel uneasy disclosing to their significant other when they’re not experiencing enough o**asms.

Equally concerning, merely two out of five women (42%) express complete satisfaction after sexual encounters with their partner.

While a noteworthy 52% of men claim to generally feel content following intercourse with their partner.

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