Woman Who Slept With 300 People In One Year Shares How Many She Plans To Sleep With In 2025

Annie Knight, the woman who slept with 300 people in 2023, has revealed her goal for 2025.
Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Annie Knight, the woman who slept with 300 people in 2023, has revealed how many people she plans to sleep with next year…

Knight’s bedroom habits have made her a viral sensation.

She’s been named ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman’, and it’s not hard to see why.

After sleeping with over 300 people in 2023, she’s upping the ante over the next two years.

And now, Knight has revealed her goal for 2025…

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Knight hit headlines following her appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show when she explained: “I felt empowered afterwards.”

She added: “[It] makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good. It’s just fun and exciting. I’m down to try anything.”

Knight has also shocked the internet after revealing what her family thinks of her fame.

The OFs star has told her Instagram followers that her mum is on her side, writing: “She sees how happy I am and is watching all my dreams come true and that’s all a mother should want for their daughter – for them to be happy.”

And it appears as though her dad feels the same way!

Knight confirmed: “He’s so supportive and just wants me to be happy.”

“He knows I work doing social media – Instagram and TikTok – but I had to explain what OFs is and he’s now totally OK with it.”

Annie Knight
Annie Knight hit the headlines after sleeping with 300 people in 2023. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Knight has already set herself a huge new target for 2024.

The OFs star tells the Daily Mail that she’s upping the ante, admitting she wants to beat her 300-people achievement of 2023 by sleeping with 365 people in 365 days in 2024.

“I used to go on about three dates a year, so that’s why I want to do this,” she explains.

“I’ve never been much of a dater, so I wanted to give myself an incentive and am holding myself accountable by posting the reviews of the dates online.

“I’m aiming for 365 in 365 days, and so far, I am well ahead of schedule. I think I will achieve 365 by the middle of the year at this rate!”

And now, Knight has confirmed her goals even further in the future, announcing her 2025 objective.

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“Being in the adult entertainment industry has highlighted to me the amount of judgement women receive just for having a sexual appetite,” she tells Perth Now.

“I literally behave the same way as a lot of men out there in the world, but I’m judged for what I do. It’s ridiculous.

“There is a false belief that I am somehow not intelligent because of my sexual appetite. That same narrative is not implied about men who behave the same way.”

She continues: “They are given cute nicknames, yet I am mocked and ridiculed for simply wanting the same thing.”

Knight’s stigma-busting crusade has led her to consider how she can beat her record in 2025.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight has set her goal for 2025. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Speaking of her 2024 goal, she says: “…I am already at 100, but this has now got me thinking, what will I aim for next year? 600?”

Breaking this number down, it works out as 11 or 12 people a week throughout the year.

We’re tired just thinking about it!

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