Woman Who Slept With 300 People In A Year Says It’s ‘Not Fair’ That She Gets Judged

Annie Knight says 'it's not fair' she gets judged over her lifestyle after going viral for sleeping 300 people in a year.
Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

The woman who slept with 300 people in a year says it’s ‘not fair’ that she gets judged over her lifestyle.

Annie Knight, who has been given the title of ‘Australia‘s most sexually active woman’, has become somewhat of a viral sensation.

Famously, she admitted that she slept with 300 people in 2023, and she’s now given herself a target for 2024 and has even shared her goal for 2025.

But now, Knight has opened up about the way people treat her due to her reputation.

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Knight made a name for herself on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, in which she said she felt ’empowered’ by her OFs journey.

She said: “I’m very consistent. I sent a video out every day and I always post photos every day.

“It’s always good because the subscribers give you ideas. So they’ll recommend things.”

Knight added: “[It] makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good. It’s just fun and exciting. I’m down to try anything.”

However, her journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight has been dubbed ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman’. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Knight was reportedly fired from her job when they discovered she was making saucy content.

She recalled to SBS Insight: “I had just started a new job. I was on day five and I actually went home sick that day and I received an email saying termination of contract.

“I was shocked. I didn’t know what was going on. And I read the email and quickly saw screenshots of my OFs on the email.”

However, it seems Knight has had the last laugh – as she claims to be in the top 0.4 per cent of creators on OFs, as per MailOnline.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight claims to be in the top 0.4 per cent of creators on OFs. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

The OFs creator, who collaborates with both men and women, has even discussed her career choice with her family, after being ‘outed’ to her dad.

“He’s so supportive and just wants me to be happy,” Knight said. “He knows I work doing social media – Instagram and TikTok – but I had to explain what OFs is and he’s now totally OK with it.”

While her mum ‘sees how happy I am and is watching all my dreams come true’.

And on her OFs journey, Knight has learned a lot along the way.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight’s family has been super supportive of her lifestyle. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

She’s recently opened up about her one career regret, telling Yahoo: “I’d advise anyone starting an OFs to be smart with their money and not blow it on things like luxury bags and superficial items.

“You never know when the money is going to stop rolling in so it’s important that you start saving from the beginning.”

Knight said the ‘mistake’ she made was not keeping track of her spending after receiving a ‘huge influx of money’.

She’s also had numerous bizarre requests, which she’s been pretty candid about.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight has revealed the ‘mistake’ she made in her career. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

Knight shared on TikTok: “I just had to film a video of me waking up pretending like I am a man who’s just woken up in a woman’s body.

“We’re talking like some Freaky Friday s***. So yeah, that’ll be it.”

And while Knight may have the adoration of fans and the support of her family, the same can’t be said for some of the general public, who have been quite judgemental about her career choice.

Annie Knight
Annie Knight has been cruelly trolled over her career choice. Credit: @anniekknight/Instagram

The OFs star recently made an appearance on Love Don’t Judge, in which she discussed being unfazed by the perception around her.

“I’m Annie, people judge me because I slept with 300 people last year but I don’t care,” she said. “I’ve had very mixed reactions to my sleeping with 300 people in a year.”

Knight would point out that there’s a ‘stigma’ surrounding ‘women being sexual’, as opposed to men.

“I think people accept men as being sexual beings, whereas women are seen as non-sexual beings, which is incorrect,” she continued.

“I don’t understand why when a man does it, they celebrate it and call him a legend, but when a woman does it we’re called names and ridiculed. It’s just not fair.”

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