Anonymous Hackers Declare ‘Cyber War’ With Vladimir Putin’s Government

Anonymous hackers have declared a 'cyber war' against Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. 
Credit: Anonymous & ABC News via YouTube

Anonymous hackers have declared a ‘cyber war’ against Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. 

The computer experts took to Twitter on February 24 and issued an announcement.

It read: “The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber war against the Russian government.”

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Approximately 30 minutes later, the hackers reportedly took down the Kremlin-backed TV channel RT – which is available to watch in Britain – due to its controversial coverage.

MailOnline reports that upon attempting to access the site, an error message now pops up reading: “This site can’t be reached.”

Since Anonymous shared the tweet, it has garnered over 135,000 likes and more than 27,000 retweets.

Many have taken to the comments and shared their thoughts on the hacker group’s actions.

One tweeted: “I’m glad to see that someone is taking action against the Russian Federation. We all stand with Ukraine and all my thoughts and prayers for the Ukrainian citizens that go through this unnecessary war.”

Another added: “So many people have their heads buried in the sand I don’t think many people fully understand where we are headed. Literally, some people are okay with watching the world burn and the people they love die rather than doing what is right.”

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Anonymous hackers have declared a ‘cyber war’ against Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Credit: @youranonone/Twitter

A third commented: “Once again, Anonymous are the heroes this world often doesn’t deserve, but needs.”

Others have slammed Anonymous for taking down the Kremlin-backed TV channel and argued there are other ways to fight for what’s right.

A Twitter user questioned: “Instead of breaking down servers isn’t it better to find out what is actually happening? I believe all this situation is a little bit deeper than everybody sees. Second, why does nobody help Ukraine physically, everybody only shouts that they support?”

Fuming, a second wrote: “How about you leave it to the professionals. If Russia needs the font changed on a web page we can let them know where to find you.”

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