‘Antiques Roadshow’ Expert Accidentally Drinks 180-Year-Old Urine

Credit: BBC

An Antiques Roadshow expert accidentally drank from a 180-year-old bottle of urine. 

In a 2016 episode of the show, Andy McConnell extracted and consumed the ancient liquid with a syringe, as he was convinced it was actually an ancient port dating back from the 1800s.

But it’s now been revealed by Antiques Roadshow’s Fiona Bruce that he actually drank urine, mixed with some human hair and rusted nails.

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An Antiques Roadshow expert drank urine from a bottle, as he was convinced it was actually an ancient port from the 1800s. Credit: BBC

For those wondering why he drank from the murky bottle in the first place, it’s because McConnell was desperate to know what was inside and thought sampling it would be the quickest way to find out.

In the scene, he held the bottle and mused: “It’s very brown… I think it’s port, port or red wine. Or, it’s full of rusty old nails and rust!”

Despite the latter concerns, the bottle and glass expert continued to drink the substance.

So of course, when Bruce finally told McConnell what the drink was made up of, he wasn’t impressed.

She said to him: “Inside were these brass pins, all of these dating from the late 1840s and the liquid – urine, a tiny bit of alcohol and one human hair.”

Bruce then added: “And a mysterious little creature called an ostracod, which is like a little cockle. So, what this was not a bottle of port or wine but a witch’s bottle.

“So, buried in the threshold of the house as a talisman against witchcraft, against curses, against misfortune coming into the home.

“So, [are] you glad you tried it?”

In response, Andy commented: “Yummy. Such good news. It was too much of a good opportunity to miss!”

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Written by Aimee Walker

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