White Lotus Co-Star Shares Why Aubrey Plaza ‘Lost Her Temper’ On Stage At SAG Awards

A White Lotus co-star has shared why Aubrey Plaza appeared to 'lose her temper' when on stage at the SAG Awards. 
Credit: Netflix

A White Lotus co-star has shared why Aubrey Plaza appeared to ‘lose her temper’ when on stage at the SAG Awards. 

Plaza, 38, is an American actress and comedian who has appeared in TV shows such as Parks and Recreation and Criminal Minds.

Lately, she’s found further fame in the comedy-drama White Lotus, starring Jennifer Coolidge and Theo James.

The series explores the dark secrets and truths of guests at a resort.

At the SAG Awards, the cast won an award for Best Ensemble and when on stage, many were under the impression Plaza was annoyed.

Watch the awkward moment unfold here…

This is due to the fact Plaza appears stony-faced throughout the acceptance speech and towards the end, she seemingly appears to mouth ‘Jesus Christ!’.

When the moment aired, many people rushed to TikTok and reacted, with one person writing: “She’s not feeling the mood.”

Another adds: “I can’t tell if she’s angry or just being her awkward self lol.”

“Everyone else was acting normal,” somebody else remarks.

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While fans took to the comments and said Plaza’s facial expressions made them love her even more.

One fan gushes: “She’s my queen from now on.”

A second says: “Lol, she’s so funny.”

In agreement, a third person comments: “She’s always so unintentionally funny.”

Aubrey Plaza at the 2023 SAG Awards.
Aubrey Plaza’s facial expressions at the SAG Awards are going viral. Credit: Netflix

Fortunately, viewers now have some answers about Plaza’s facial expressions, as one of Plaza’s White Lotus co-stars has cleared things ups.

Jon Gries, who played Tanya McQuoid’s husband Greg, tells Page Six that when on stage, he noticed the star was ‘being blocked by about 15 people’, so he advised her to ‘look to the front’.

Apparently, he also told Plaza to ‘fix’ her dress, as her underb*** was peeking out from underneath.

He also tells the news outlet that she is ‘dead-pan’ and that her seemingly mouthing ‘Jesus Christ!’ would have been a part of this.

However, another source tells MailOnline that there were numerous reasons Plaza reacted the way she did.

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The alleged insider says it was a ‘direct result of her almost being elbowed in her face’ while she and her female co-stars were shuffled to the back of the stage.

Apparently, Plaza was ‘further aggravated’ by Gries warning her about her risqué gown.

“There were a couple of different things going on in that moment,” the alleged insider added.

At the time of writing, Plaza has yet to address the response to her moment on the SAG Awards stage.

But she has taken to Instagram to congratulate her White Lotus co-stars on their award, penning: “Best cast ever! I love these people and am so proud of this show. Thank you @sagawards.”

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