BBC Presenter Faces Disturbing New Allegations As ‘Scary’ Messages Exposed

Fresh allegations have been made against the BBC presenter at the centre of a high-profile scandal.

The scandal-hit BBC presenter is facing disturbing new allegations as ‘scary’ messages sent by them have been exposed.

The Sun newspaper had reported that an unnamed male BBC star had allegedly been paying a young person in exchange for s**ual images.

Since the allegations have transpired, the presenter has been taken off air and the broadcasting company have conducted their own investigation.

But now it has been reported that a new set of accusations have come forward.

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A second person – who has no relation to the young person – has told BBC News that they felt ‘threatened’ by the presenter in question.

The individual was reportedly first contacted by them anonymously on a dating app.

After they connected, the conversations soon moved to other platforms and the presenter revealed his identity – stressing that the young person could not tell anyone that they were talking.

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The young person told the outlet that they were put under pressure by the presenter to meet up – but that never happened.

However, when they apparently hinted online that they might name the presenter, they were sent abusive messages full of expletives.

The messages were so aggressive in fact that the young person claims they were ‘scared for their life’.

BBC News shared that they were able to confirm that the messages were sent from a phone number belonging to the presenter.

The young person’s online post about revealing the star has also been seen by the outlet.

While the individual has spoken directly to BBC News, they have chosen not to make a complaint to the BBC corporate investigations unit – which is looking into the allegations that have already been made.

BBC sign
Fresh allegations about the BBC presenter have been made. Credit: Alamy

Accusations regarding the unnamed BBC presenter first surfaced on Friday night.

The Sun newspaper published quotes from the child’s mother, saying that her child, now 20, had used the money they received for the explicit photos to fund a crack cocaine habit – adding that they are worried they could ‘wind up dead’.

However, a lawyer representing the young person has since come out and claimed that the accusations were ‘rubbish’.

In a letter sent to the BBC, they add that the young person involved sent a message to The Sun after the news and denied the claims – branding their mother’s statement as ‘totally wrong and there was no truth to it’.

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The lawyer adds: “For the avoidance of doubt, nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality and the allegations reported in the Sun newspaper are rubbish.”

They also state in their letter that nobody from The Sun has contacted their client since the news broke, before revealing that the person and their mother are estranged.

However, the family are reportedly sticking to their account.

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