Woman Shares Urgent Warning After Beauty Treatment Nearly Cost Her Life

Beatriz Amma has shared an urgent warning after contracting mycobacterium abscessus.
Credit: @beatriz.amma via Instagram

A woman has shared an urgent warning after she underwent a beauty treatment that allegedly nearly cost her her life. 

Beatriz Amma has shared an emotional video explaining that loving her body following her ordeal is a huge struggle.

Her life has been changed forever, and the medical professionals who allegedly caused her issues have faced no consequences.

Not only did the alleged treatment almost cost her her life, but it has left her with huge medical debts too.

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Amma reportedly spent $800 for a luxury spa to inject her with shots of vitamins B1 and C mixed with ‘fast dissolving’ deoxycholic acid in each arm, her back and stomach in 2021.

But days later, she found that her upper body was covered in painful welts as her body began eating itself alive.

Doctors confirmed that Amma had mycobacterium abscessus, a bacterial infection that causes festering and painful skin lesions.

This was allegedly a result of contamination of the deoxycholic acid and improper injection practices.

Little is known about this condition, and treatment for it is highly complex.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mycobacterium abscessus is ‘part of a group of environmental mycobacteria and is found in water, soil, and dust’.

The site also states that it is known to contaminate medications and products, such as medical devices.

Beatriz Amma
Beatriz Amma wants to share her story with others. Credit: @beatriz.amma/Instagram

Amma claims the spa had seemed safe and legitimate at the time, and was looking forward to the results of her cosmetic injections.

But she ended up being hospitalised as a result of the alleged botched procedure.

Amma has undergone several surgeries to help remove the infected tissue from her body. She also remains on IV antibiotics, which help treat the infection.

In a heartwarming video, she opens up about how much her life has changed following her costly health mistake.

Amma explains that she’s in over $1,000,000 of medical debt.

She also has to remain hooked up to her IV antibiotics for six hours a day.

She shares her hacks for going through life attached to an IV bag, which must remain up above her head.

Amma shows how she places her IV bag in her car’s sunroof while driving, and even ties it up in her hair when out and about.

Beatriz Amma
Doctors confirmed that Beatriz Amma had contracted mycobacterium abscessus. Credit: @beatriz.amma/Instagram

Amma had previously worked as a fitness influencer and thought her skin condition would mean the end of her career.

But she now works as a body positivity advocate, encouraging everyone to try to love the skin they’re in.

“For the past two years, loving my body has been a f***ing challenge,” she explains. “I really try not to let this physical flaw make me feel less beautiful or worthy.”

Amma also attributes her recovery to her therapy dog, who she believes knows when she’s feeling unwell and offers her love and support.

In early 2023, Bea was off her IV after 16 months, and ready to start treatments to help minimise the appearance of her sores.

However, her disease sadly came back, with new bumps occasionally appearing on her skin.

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“I wish I could say this was finally over,” she admits. “But it’s just not.”

Amma believes her journey has taught her some valuable lessons about life, explaining she’s over hustle culture and just wants to be present and happy in her day-to-day.

“I know that in sharing my story and vulnerability, I can share resilience and persistence,” she says.

“And most importantly, show to everyone that it is possible to find faith and hope and happiness in even the worst imaginable situations.”

After hearing Amma’s heartbreaking story, people have taken to the comments and shared their support.

One person pens: “You have given people so much hope and strength by watching this. Thank you for caring enough to share. What a strong person you are and I wish you the best.”

Another adds: “You’re soooooooo brave and strong! 2024 is going to be amazing for you!”

Watch Beatriz Amma’s inspiring story below …

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