Woman Who ‘Clinically Died’ For Six Minutes Recalls Experience That ‘Shouldn’t Be Possible’

A woman who 'clinically died' for six minutes has recalled the experience that she went through that 'shouldn't be possible'.
Credit: The Other Side NDE via YouTube & Alamy

A woman who ‘clinically died’ for six minutes has recalled the experience that she went through that ‘shouldn’t be possible’.

What happens when we die will always be one of life’s biggest mysteries – some people believe in reincarnation while others believe we end up in Heaven or Hell.

Regardless of what you think, some have claimed to have seen what is on the other side and one person has now given a detailed account of what she experienced.

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Dr Anna Stone, a research scientist who dealt with government contracts, had a near-death experience in November 2016 when she began bleeding unexpectedly.

“The next thing I remember is that I’m in the hospital and I’m told that I fainted and I lost nearly half the blood volume in my body,” she explained on the YouTube channel The Other Side NDE.

Stone recalled that she started to feel this extreme panic of something being ‘very wrong’ to the point where she felt like she was going to ‘explode’.

Things soon turned supernatural, as Stone said she left her body and began floating towards the ceiling like a ‘balloon’.

Apparently, she could hear a machine make a flatline noise while people in the room attempted to resuscitate her.

She added that she could also hear the conversations in the room – including one doctor mentioning that her previous battles with medication may have contributed to her apparent death.

Dr Anna Stone
Dr Anna Stone claims her soul left her body while she was lying in the hospital bed. Credit: The Other Side NDE via YouTube

“At that moment I realised that my snarky personality is still intact and I’m out of my body so I’m still me, that’s weird,” she explained.

Stone began to think about her children and was then instantly transferred over to her oldest daughter’s college class – which was 210 miles away – and she said she could see her while she was in an exam.

Then the scientist thought about her two-year-old daughter and was immediately sent back to the hospital waiting room, where she could see her youngest playing with Lego.

Stone added that it felt fine seeing that her children were OK, but then she started to experience much stranger activity.

“If I look to the right I’m in the hospital,” she explained. “But if I look to the left I am somewhere else. I can’t really describe where that somewhere is but it’s not on Earth.”

She found herself in this ‘yellowish’ endless room where she couldn’t see anyone else, but she could feel the presence of something around her.

Man in tunnel.
Anna Stone felt like this ‘enormous’ figure who was in an endless room. Credit: Alamy

“I realised a couple of things,” Stone added. “One is that I am enormous. I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I am not in physical form anymore [but] I can see in 360-degree vision.”

But all of a sudden, Stone looked forward and found that there was another physical being in this ‘room’ with her – which she said turned out to be her physical body.

However, while it looked like Stone, she said she knew it wasn’t her.

Stone then received a message that simply said ‘nope’ – a word she would use in her day-to-day life instead of ‘no’.

“I instantly knew that meant ‘no I’m not staying and I’m going back’ and that was what instantly happened,” she continued.

The scientist then went from this ‘enormous’ entity to a single thread that re-entered her body through her belly button – which she said hurt ‘really bad’ – before waking up and gasping for air, much to the surprise of the staff working on her.

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Once she reawakened, Stone instantly knew that she had died and left her body, but explained that she was ‘upset’ and something like this ‘shouldn’t happen’.

Initially, she believed that she just experienced a hallucination and asked the staff about them mentioning her medical history – hoping that she just imagined them saying that.

But when the doctors were shocked that she heard them talk about her past, Stone realised that she did in fact die and became this out-of-body entity – with the medical team confirming that she had been pronounced dead for six minutes.

This incident became a life-changing experience for the doctor – as at the time she was involved in a toxic marriage and had a drinking problem.

She described the moment as a ‘karmic reset’ and following her ‘death’, Stone could no longer ‘physically’ drink alcohol and hasn’t touched it since.

Also, Stone’s work life drastically changed as she quit being a scientist and became a teacher – which she says has been ‘super rewarding’. She also went back to college to complete her degree.

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