Woman Admits Her Bedding Has Never Been Washed And Mattress Is ‘100 Years Old’

A woman is going viral after admitting that her bedding has never been washed - while her mattress is around '100 years old'. 
Credit: Channel 4

A woman is going viral after admitting that her bedding has never been washed – and that her mattress is around ‘100 years old’. 

Cornelia Bayley stars in an episode of Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, a TV show which allows like-minded people to clean up Britain’s most dirty and filthy homes.

And while the programme’s cleaners have faced some pretty difficult challenges, nothing could prepare them for their visit to Bayley’s property.

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In the episode, the retired antique dealer – who was around 74 years old at the time it aired – admitted that she struggled to keep up with cleaning when it comes to her 10-bedroom Grade I-listed 17th-century manor in north Wales.

While it’s understandable that it would be hard to keep such a large home spotless, Bayley’s shocking confession then left the cleaners Hayley and Dan speechless.

After being shown one of the bedrooms, Hayley asks the homeowner: “Cornelia, when was the bedding last washed?”

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To which Bayley responds: “Never.”

Surprised, Hayley asks: “|t’s never been washed? What about the mattress? Do you clean the mattresses?”

Dan then pitches in, asking: “How old is the mattress,” and Bayley replies: “It could be 100 years old, or something. You know, this is how people used to live years ago – and I still live like that.”

Later on in the episode, when it comes to Hayley and Dan actually cleaning the home, Bayley then lays down one condition.

The pair are not allowed to use any cleaning products, instead, they must use only water and a sponge.

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners
The woman is going viral after admitting that her bedding has never been washed – while her mattress is around ‘100 years old’. Credit: Channel 4

After Bayley says this, Hayley asks: “It doesn’t kill bacteria then, does it?”

To which the homeowner comments: “The bacteria can live here, I couldn’t care less.”

Since cleaning the property, Hayley has taken to YouTube and reflected on the difficult task, admitting that she had a ‘bit of a breakdown’.

“That was the first hurdle for me, and instantly I was like, ‘This is going to go downhill very, very quickly’,” she explained.

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“Because I was thinking in my mind things like, ‘How am I gonna get these toilets clean? What am I gonna use to clean the sink drains and put down the drains and stuff?’.”

While it may not have been up to Hayley’s usual standards, Bayley told the pair that in the end, she was ‘happy’ with their hard work.

Bayley’s property, Plas Teg, is currently closed to the public as it undergoes structural repairs.

All episodes of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners are available to stream on All 4 On Demand

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