‘Black Alien’ With Extreme Body Modifications Stuns Fans After Sharing ‘New Look’

'Black Alien', aka Anthony Loffredo, has shared an extreme 'new look' and fans have been left divided.
Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

Anthony Loffredo, better known as ‘Black Alien’, has shocked fans after revealing his ‘new look’. 

Loffredo is better known as the ‘Black Alien’ and he’s a viral sensation thanks to his extreme body modifications.

He’s now shared an extreme ‘new look’, and it’s left fans speechless.

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It’s not just his tattoos that make Loffredo’s look so intense.

In his mission to be ‘Black Alien’, he’s also removed parts of his nose, ears, and fingers, plus made a fork in his tongue.

There’s ink over the majority of his body, including his eyeballs!

'Black Alien'
‘Black Alien’ has undergone an extreme transformation. Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

Loffredo has also taken to Instagram to show off his latest body mod to his 1.4 million followers – carving the word ‘alien’ into his scalp.

But that’s nothing when you see his latest post…

Speaking to the French paper Midi Libre, as per the New York Post, Loffredo explained why he began his body modification journey.

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“From a very young age, I have been passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body,” he said.

“I had a click when I was a security guard. I realised that I was not living my life the way I wanted. I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia.

“I love getting into the shoes of a scary character. I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets… I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself.”

'Black Alien'
‘Black Alien’ says he ‘did not expect it [his look] to have so much impact on the world’. Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram
Loffredo also explained to his Instagram followers: “This project to which I gave everything, love, passion, determination, strength, has lost its meaning over the years.

“I did not expect it to have so much impact on the world, to be known I did not know how to manage it and my project has lost its meaning.

“One thing is for sure I no longer want to touch my body or take anything off or put anything on, I am putting an end to the modification of my body for the moment I no longer like this world.

“I’m going to finish my full black all over the body and finish for the moment like this. Goodbye body modification.”

'Black Alien'
‘Black Alien’ has gone viral with his look. Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

Loffredo has also gone viral after sharing some unrecognisable photos from before he began his ‘Black Alien’ project.

Appearing in a Channel 4 documentary, Loffredo had previously shown off that he used to be a ‘very sexy guy’.

“But I’m the same person! Same heart!” he insisted. “But it’s not my body, my real body.”

He also shared an Instagram throwback, writing: “13 years/35 years.

“A slave to the body of the free spirit. Free is the race of poets. To choose is to be free.

“Everyone is free, everyone has their convictions. The story continues.”

'Black Alien'
‘Black Alien’ says he’s used to be a ‘very sexy guy’. Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

But now, he’s shared his most extreme look yet – he’s posted an edited photo of himself with an extended head.

The caption reads: “Sometimes dreams can’t come true, so we start using photo editing. 200% Black Alien Project Evolution.”

He looks more like a stereotypical alien than ever in the snap.

However, one follower pointed out one big flaw in his plan.

They write: “Imagine one day we learn aliens look 0% like that, would you change your modification plans or not?”

black alien
‘Black Alien’ Anthony Loffredo has shared an extreme ‘new look’ with fans. Credit: @the_black_alien_project/Instagram

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