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Dad Who Spent Almost $100k On Tattoos Shares ‘Unrecognisable’ Picture From 11 Years Ago

Ephemeral Remy, a dad who has reportedly spent $96,000 on tattoos, has shared a throwback photo from before his inkings.
Credit: @ephemeral__remy/Instagram

Ephemeral Remy, who has reportedly spent $96,000 on his tattoos, has shared an ‘unrecognisable’ throwback photo from before he began his inking journey 11 years ago…

The vast majority of us have a rather measured appreciation of tattoos.

Maybe you have none, or maybe you have a few – but that’s usually the extent of it.

However, there are certain individuals who take their love of inking to the extreme.

Not only does this offer some rather distinctive personal styles, but also leads to some truly fascinating before shots.

We’ve already seen ‘Black Alien’, who used to be a ‘very sexy guy’, and ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’ with her inks covered up.

And now a dad who has apparently spent $96,000 covering 96% of his body has shared his own ‘unrecognisable’ throwback photo…

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Remy, known on Instagram as @ephemeral_remy, is a Canadian father and ex-chef turned tattoo influencer.

He’s previously opened up about how people judge his parenting based on his appearance, telling News Rebeat: “Tattoos and piercings haven’t changed at all, so I wasn’t worried that my son would see me differently.”

Remy has also explained to the Mirror that people have even questioned whether he should be a father, claiming: “I’ve had a few people say things like my son should be taken from me because of how I look, but this is only ever online.”

He continues: “My argument to that would be that if you think that way, you should never have children yourself.”

Ephemeral Remy
Ephemeral Remy says his son is unfazed by his tattoos. Credit: @ephemeral__remy/Instagram

Remy says that his son is totally nonplussed by his appearance, saying: “It’s completely normal for him. As he’s gotten older, he’s become very nonchalant, and it’s actually made him more tolerant of people being different looking, I believe.”

Despite this criticism and the fact some people may stare, the tattoo lover says he is also told ‘nice things’, while others ‘ask how long it took’.

Remy has since covered many of his tattoos many times over, seeing his inking progression as an ongoing project.

“I’ve been around awhile now, and people have become attached to different facets of my tattoos over the years, but one thing I’ll never apologise for is continuing to change and grow,” he writes on Instagram.

“If you liked some other version of my tattoos more, the good news is those pictures still exist.

“I’ll be moving onto bigger and more interesting things whether it bothers some people or not.”

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Remy has also shared an unrecognisable throwback picture of himself at the beginning of his tattoo journey.

He writes in the caption: “Be the person you wish you had when you were growing up, and that’s exactly what I’ve been proud to do.

“There was a stunning lack of positive public individuals speaking out on behalf of body mods when I was a youth, and even though I was always fascinated with the art form and culture around it open information was scarce at best.

“It has been the greatest honour for me personally to have been of inspiration to many people over the last several years to follow their passions and embrace their own individuality.”

People have taken to the comments and shared their disbelief at Remy’s transformation, with one writing: “What a glow-up. You’re killing it, man. An inspiration to the masses. Keep up the good work and thank you!”

While another adds: “These types of transformation pics are always cool as f***. It’s even cooler you look happy in each photo!!”

Ephemeral Remy before.
Ephemeral Remy has shared a photo from before his tattoo transformation. Credit: @ephemeral__remy/Instagram

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