Mia Khalifa Leaves Fans ‘Feeling Stupid’ After Revealing Her Real Name

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa has revealed her real name, leaving some fans 'feeling stupid'. 
Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

TikTok and Instagram star Mia Khalifa has revealed her real name, leaving some fans ‘feeling stupid’. 

The former adult entertainer, who has accumulated a staggering net worth, gained notable recognition during her brief time in the p*** industry.

She entered the business in 2014 and even a decade later, Khalifa remains among the most searched terms on adult video platforms.

Mia Khalifa
Despite leaving the adult film industry behind, Mia Khalifa remains one of its biggest stars. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

But Khalifa’s rise to fame hasn’t been easy – she’s reportedly been disowned by her family and had death threats from ISIS.

While fans of the star may know these titbits of information, it turns out they don’t know everything – with some ‘feeling stupid’ after discovering the social media celebrity‘s real name.

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Khalifa worked in the adult film industry for just three short months – but she’s had a lot to say about her time in the business.

On Steven Bartlett’s podcast Diary of a CEO, she claims that she was used ‘like a toy‘ in the business.

She opened up about her first marriage and how her husband allegedly pressured her into the business.

“I even feel weird calling it a relationship, because the dynamic was not one of a relationship – it was more one of someone who saw a toy to play with,” she claimed.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa’s rise to fame hasn’t been easy. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

Elsewhere,  the former adult entertainer told actress and nmodel Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast, High Low with EmRata, that she wants to make a change.

Khalifa explained: “I feel like the age should be raised for a production company to own your rights to 21, at least. If you wanna enter the s** work industry, by all means, do it after 18. That’s the legal age, that’s never gonna be fought.”

She continued: “You have to be really realistic about the safety and ethics around s** work because it’s the oldest profession in the entire world. The oldest profession, it’s never going away.

“The more you tighten restrictions on it, the more people will find a way around it, and that could be said for anything – the prohibition era exists for a reason.”

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa often finds herself in the headlines. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

Khalifa has also made the headlines for her marriage advice – telling women to ‘leave these men’.

In a viral TikTok post, she opened up about her relationship history and playfully referred to herself as the ‘Tom Brady’ of marriage.

She would go on to tell her followers: “We are not stuck with these people.

“Marriage is not a sanctimonious thing. It is paperwork. It is a commitment you make to someone, but if you feel like you’re not getting anything from that commitment and you’re trying, you got to go.

“You got to go. You have to go.

“I know it’s difficult to fill out paperwork, and to make appointments and to do all of these things, but this your f***ing life, you want to be stuck with someone?”

And now Khalifa is in the news again – this time for simply sharing her name.

Mia Khalifa
People are only just realising that Mia Khalifa isn’t the former adult star’s real name. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

People have been left shocked after finding out what Khalifa is really called, with one asking: “How stupid do you feel believing her real name was Mia Khalifa?”

“Mia Khalifa’s real name,” another simply says, alongside skull emojis.

A third chimes in: “I honestly didn’t even know that wasn’t her real name until I looked it up just now.”

Somebody else weighs in: “If ‘Mia Khalifa’ isn’t her real name I ain’t trusting nothin’.”

Mia Khalifa
There’s a reason Mia Khalifa has decided to keep going by her stage name. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

The former adult star’s name is instantly recognisable globally, yet it’s come as a surprise to some that it’s simply for showbiz.

Recently, Khalifa took to her Instagram profile and changed her bio to include her true identity: Sarah Joe Chamoun.

In an interview with Bustle, the Lebanese-American star revealed that her stage name came from ‘that of her dog at the time, Mia, and the rapper Wiz Khalifa’. She added that it also ‘felt Arabic’.

Some have pointed out that as she’s continues to go by Mia Khalifa, it implies she doesn’t mind being associated with her adult film past.

One fan suggests: “Not like she wants to. Her real name is Sarah Joe, she just goes by Mia Khalifa ’cause that’s what she’s known for.”

So, why does Mia Khalifa continue to use her adult star name?

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa is reclaiming control by continuing to go by her adult entertainer name. Credit: @miakhalifa/Instagram

For Khalifa, it’s not about branding or sustaining her business. Instead, it’s about reclaiming control.

Dissatisfied with her early career experiences, she asserts that retaining the name is a means of redefining a pivotal moment in her life.

Khalifa reveals on TikTok: “We take that word back, we reclaim it and we make it our own, which is the reason I still use the name Mia Khalifa because it is a reclamation. It is my way of reclaiming something that is mine.”

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