Bride Reads Out Fiancé’s Affair Texts Instead Of Their Vows At Wedding

A bride read out her fiance's affair texts instead of her vows at her wedding.
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A bride shocked her wedding party when she read out texts detailing her fiancé’s affair, rather than her vows, at their ceremony.

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life.

But that’s only really true if you’re totally sure that you’re marrying the right person.

So when one bride realised her hubby-to-be wasn’t at all who she thought he was, she decided to take revenge – at the most awkward possible moment.

She stood up during the vows, and instead of a heartfelt declaration of love, she shared text messages detailing her fiancé’s infidelity instead…

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A bride, going by the pseudonym Casey, shares her shocking story in a personal essay for Body+Soul.

In it, she reveals how she was betrayed by her fiancé Alex (also a pseudonym), who was having an affair in the weeks leading up to their wedding.

Even more shockingly, Casey didn’t find out about the affair from Alex.

Instead, it was the mistress who reached out to her, sharing racy screenshots of the messages from her lover.

“This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A game,” one saucy screengrab reads.

“Your body is f***ing incredible. And s**t*do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do,” another says.

Man texting.
The woman discovered that her husband-to-be was sending racy messages to another woman. Credit: Alamy

While a third reads: “I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F’ing you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.”

Alongside these heartwrenching screenshots, the mistress also included an emphatic message.

“I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?”

Casey was shocked and shamed by the texts.

She says: “My girls were threatening all manner of violence against him. They insisted I call him immediately and call the wedding off.

“But I loved Alex. I wanted to marry Alex tomorrow. I was too shocked and sad to be angry. I didn’t call him.”

It was then that she came up with her ultimate revenge.

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“When dawn finally broke I awoke the girls and told them my decision – I was going to go ahead with the wedding as expected, and ‘out’ him in front of our friends and family,” she continues.

So, on the day of the nuptials, Casey got up and shared Alex’s secret with the world.

“It seems Alex is not who I thought he was,” she told the crowd. “I love all of you and as horrible as this is I’m glad you all are here.

“There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts.”

She then read the messages out loud, as the groom ran from the scene, followed by the best man.

Casey concludes: “It was certainly not the wedding day I had planned but to our credit, it was one hell of a party.”

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