‘Britain’s Most Tattooed Woman’ Shows What She Looks Like With Ink Covered Up

Becky Holt, dubbed 'Britain's most tattooed woman', has covered up her ink and looks completely different.
Credit: @becky_holt_bolt/Instagram

‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’ has covered up her ink and she looks totally different.

Extreme body modification is becoming more and more common.

From Australia’s most tatted model to the infamous ‘Black Alien’, we’re almost getting used to seeing people coated head to toe in ink.

But there’s still something fascinating about seeing all that work being undone.

A woman dubbed ‘Britain’s most tattooed’ has covered up all of her ink – and she looks so different.

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Becky Holt, from Cheshire, UK, has been dubbed ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’ – and it’s not hard to see why.

She claims she’s spent £35,000 covering 95% of her body in intricate patterns. Her tattoos encompass her limbs, torso, back, and even parts of her face.

But Holt has explored a completely different look, too.

Becky Holt
Becky Holt has been dubbed ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’. Credit: @becky_holt_bolt/Instagram

The tattoo lover recently shared an image with her Instagram followers, showing what she’d look like if she had never gone under the needle.

She covered one half of her body in thick makeup, showing the stark contrast between her inked and uninked self.

Holt captioned the image: “I look so mad without tattoos! What do you prefer?”

Becky Holt without tattoos.
Becky Holt, ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’, has revealed what she’d look like without inkings. Credit: @becky_holt_bolt/Instagram

One fan responded: “No such thing as too many tattoos in my book – beautiful women can only get better with a full body of tattoos.

“You are beautiful with or without them.”

Another agreed, saying: “Both. You’re obviously a natural beauty and the tattoos just enhance that.”

A third wrote: “With tattoos of course. But you’re pretty both ways.”

“You look good with either but more quirky with them,” commented a fourth.

Another fan asked if Holt was considering undoing her tattoos with lasers, to which she replied: “No. I really love my tattoos.”

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She’s also spoken out about her love for her extreme look on the TV show This Morning (as per the Daily Star), saying: “I love to stand out, I love the artwork, I love the time and dedication it takes…

“I’m not going to get any more on my face (though), it will spoil the aesthetics.”

Since then, Holt has also covered up her inkings for a YouTube video called In Your Face: Confronting Tattoo Prejudice (Social Experiment Documentary).

Becky Holt without tattoos.
Becky Holt says she finds it ‘super weird and strange’ to see herself without tattoos. Credit: Real Stories via YouTube

In the video, she explains: “It’s going to be like a real test to show me like what people think of just me on my own.

“It looks super weird and strange. I look like a lady, like a woman.”

However, Holt wasn’t too keen on her natural look, commenting: “I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of confidence, I think that my tattoos make me feel empowered. I stand out from the crowd but now I’m going to just merge into the crowd and look normal.”

She concludes: “I just feel like I’m not going to draw any attention to myself at all and I kinda like attention.”

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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