Man Who Spent $70,000 On Tattoos Shares ‘Unrecognisable’ Before Photos Without Ink

Quest Gulliford has gone viral on social media after sharing his tattoo transformation, with fans dubbing him 'unrecognisable'. 
Credit: @questg/Instagram

A man has gone viral on social media after sharing his tattoo transformation, with fans dubbing him ‘unrecognisable’. 

Inkings have become the everyday norm and you’ll rarely bat an eyelid if you spot someone with a tattoo or two.

However, there is the odd person who has taken this passion to the extreme and made their love of inkings loud and proud, with their bodies covered from head to toe.

One thing that piques people’s curiosity is when tattoo lovers reveal their dramatic transformations.

‘Black Alien’ has recently gone viral after sharing that he used to be a ‘very sexy guy’, while ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’ also showed what she looks like with her inks covered up.

And now a man called Quest Gulliford has shared his transformation, which has apparently cost him a fortune.

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Gulliford is a cancer survivor, having beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma while in seventh grade – a relatively aggressive type of cancer which can spread quickly through the body, as per the NHS.

Among his many tattoos, there are several that represent the battle he has gone through.

One of Gulliford’s inkings is of a purple cancer ribbon, while another is a cross on the left side of the chest with the words ‘God First’ next to it.

Following his cancer battle, the tattoo lover said he was left feeling ‘superhuman’, as per Daily Mail.

To represent this, he has drastically changed his body with inkings – including having his eyeballs inked.

Quest Gulliford
Quest Gulliford has undergone a dramatic transformation, but he has no plans to stop. Credit: @questg/Instagram

Last year, Gulliford took to Instagram – where he has over 230,000 followers – and revealed that he’d had the whites of his eyes inked black.

“It took me six years to think if I actually wanted to get it or not,” he said in a video. “I loved it, and then it took six more years because it was very expensive.”

And if you’re wondering exactly how expensive the procedure was, well, it cost Gulliford a whopping $5,000 per eye.

The tattoo collector had to have his eyes open during the irreversible procedure, as the artist needed to inject four shots of pigment into his eyes.

Gulliford recalled on TikTok: “After he would do each shot, he would barely touch it to rub it around. Now, it’s permanent.”

And while it might seem like he has taken his transformation as far as it can go, Gulliford says he still has plans for future inkings – despite people telling him ‘there’s no more room’.

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“I promise you, there is,” he insists.

To show how far he’s come already, Gulliford left his followers gobsmacked by uploading snaps from before his inkings really took off.

Many people have taken to the comments and praised the tattoo lover’s transformation, branding him ‘amazing’.

“It’s great to see your transformation right before us,” one fan writes. “Thanks for sharing.”

Another adds: “You are one awesome guy to get your body suit.”

“So amazing,” a third person pens.

Somebody else comments: “Dope as f***. Inspiring dude.”

A fifth person gushes: “Great work of art. I love watching your beautiful transformation. You are beautiful inside and out.”

Quest Gulliford before.

Quest Gulliford before.
This is what Quest Gulliford looked like before his transformation. Credit: @questg/Instagram

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