Adults Mortified After Rewatching Cars And Noticing Extremely Rude Scene They Missed As Children

Adults are rewatching Cars and noticing an extremely rude scene they missed as children.
Credit: Disney

Adults have been left feeling embarrassed after rewatching Cars and noticing a rude joke that originally went over their heads as kids. 

Sometimes, a joke from a film we watched as children passes our innocent minds by.

Be it a truly dirty line from Toy Story or a bizarrely raunchy moment from Shrek, rewatching a childhood classic can often lead adult viewers to experience a shock.

And this week, it’s a saucy scene from Cars that has had re-watchers feeling traumatised…

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2006’s Cars is a childhood favourite among many.

The franchise continued to do well, with its sequel Cars 2 debuting in 2011, and Cars 3 in 2017.

And even since then, we’ve seen a bunch of spinoff movies like Planes: Fire and Rescue.

It follows the adventures of a charismatic racecar Lightning McQueen, who, when stranded in a small town named Radiator Springs, encounters a host of unusual automotive characters along the way.

Lightning McQueen learns from his newfound pals that winning isn’t everything, and that friendship is the truly valuable thing.

Cars movie.
Cars is a childhood favourite among many – but there’s a rude scene people are only just spotting. Credit: Disney

But one rude moment from the film has recently resurfaced on social media, and it has left viewers feeling seriously disturbed.

Sharing the clip on X (formerly known as Twitter) one shocked fan says: “I was too young, but now I understand why they flashed their lights.”

Another comments: “Bro my childhood just flashed before my eyes, I swear.”

“Wow. That clearly went over my head until now. I definitely should have caught that,” writes a third.

Another laughs: “Now I know why my dad laughed so hard at this scene when I was a kid.”

“I finally realised what they were doing after all these years,” a shocked viewer adds.

“McQueen’s reaction just totally gave it away!!!! LMAO,” comments another.

Another person shares: “I don’t know if that was supposed to be a pun or a childhood killed moment.”

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The moment in question sees Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) celebrating walking onto the track hoping for a major win.

Lightning McQueen is a major celebrity in the Cars universe and is competing for the coveted Piston Cup.

And such a big star naturally has some adoring fans.

So, as Lightning greets the fawning crowd, two of his biggest fans step forward.

Mia and Tia are totally obsessed with the car superstar and are naturally pretty excited to meet their idol.

So, just like fans of actors and rockstars, they give him a little treat.

After introducing themselves, the duo then flash their headlights at Lightning in unison.

Sounds innocent enough – until you realise it’s an allegory for them flashing… something else.

After their flashing, Tia and Mia are escorted away by security while shouting: “We love you Lightning!”

Watch the rude scene below…

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