‘P**is Facials’ Are Hollywood’s Latest Beauty Trend

Celebrities are trying out a bizarre new facial trend.
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‘P**is facials’ is Hollywood’s latest beauty trend.

Celebrities will almost try anything to ensure they look at their absolute best.

Kim Kardashian famously once admitted that she would eat poo if it meant she would look younger.

While Jennifer Aniston has apparently eaten the exact same meal for the last 10 years.

However, the most obscure beauty hack might just go to Cate Blanchett.

Find out why Kim Kardashian was accused of a ‘Photoshop fail’ below…

Speaking to Vogue AustraliaThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button revealed that she and Sandra Bullock once had this unique beauty procedure called a p**is facial which uses the f***skins of newborn Korean babies.

Blanchett explained: “Sandy [Sandra] Bullock and I saw this facialist in New York, Georgia Louise, and she gives what we call the penis facial and it’s something.

“I don’t know what it is, or whether it’s just ’cause it smells a bit like sperm – there’s some enzyme in it, so Sandy refers to it as the p**is facial.”

The correct term for this procedure is an Epidermal Growth Factor facial (EGF) and since Blanchett revealed she had one, people have been left both intrigued and shocked on social media

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“That is wrong on sooo many levels,” says one person.

Another user asks: “This is a thing now?!”

While a third adds: “Made from the f***skin of a newborn Korean boy? Who looked at a f***skin of a baby and thought ‘That should be on my face’?”

Due to the rise in interest in this treatment, Louise had to publicly clarify what it is.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she explains: “The f***skin is collected during circumcision and the stem cells are then harvested and extracted through a centrifuge.

“I am always very mindful to explain radical serums and potions that I carry in my back bar, so I always explain that EGF is derived from the newborn baby f***skin, but cells were taken and from that, new cells are cloned from a laboratory.”

Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett has revealed that she and Sandra Bullock once underwent p**is facials. Credit: Universal Pictures

In a separate statement shared on her Instagram page, Louise explains the benefits of this treatment – sharing that the cells can help to generate collagen and elastin, heal scar tissue and help treat pigmentation and sun damage.

She pens: “EGF is derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast taken way back when from donated stem cells from a Korean newborn baby foreskin.

“This cell was grown in a lab and I use only the clone EFG cells which are as potent as the original cell taken – which helps to generate collagen and elastin, heal scar tissue and help treat pigmentation and sun-damaged skins.

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“FDA-approved stem cells and peptides are penetrated deep into the skin using a special electric micro-needling wand.

“This process allows the active ingredients to be transported deep in the skin by creating a temporary micro-channel.”

If this does sound tempting to you, be prepared to splash the cash as it costs $650 (£511).

Alternatively, you can order a Hollywood EGF home on the Georgia Louise website for $415.00  (£326).

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