Chris Evans Slammed Over ‘Gross’ Age Gap With New Wife

Chris Evans has been criticised for the age gap between him and his new wife, Portuguese actress Alba Baptiste.
Credit: @chrisevans/Instagram

The Captain America star is being criticised over his age-gap relationship with his new wife, Alba Baptisa. 

Chris Evans, 42, is certainly a Hollywood heartthrob, having been voted as People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2022.

But news of the Gifted star being a single bachelor changed recently after reports emerged that he had tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, as per Page Six.

Evans is now being blasted on social media, as some people think the age gap between the pair is inappropriate.

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Baptista – who is best known for starring in the Netflix series Warrior Nun – is 26 years old. This makes the couple’s age difference 16 years.

Obviously, there are many examples of happy marriages that have age gaps, but it seems some people online have taken issue with the celebrity couple’s relationship.

One person says: “I don’t care what anyone says, 42 and 26 is something. She’s barely starting when he has already a spot in the industry. They’re in different stages of their life.

“She wasn’t even born and he was already a teen. I don’t care how mature she is, it’s never been about her, it’s him, 42.”

Someone else says: “Their age gap is so icky like I’m sorry but I can’t even think what two people in their age brackets would have in common.”

“Are we just ignoring the 16-year age gap between Chris Evans and his new wife?!?” writes another user.

A fourth pens: “16-year age gaps are gross. Even if you’re Chris Evans.

“Trying so hard to be happy for Chris Evans, but learning that his beautiful wife is my age is sending me,” adds a fifth.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptiste.
Chris Evans recently married Alba Baptiste, however, people have taken issue with their 16-year age gap. Credit: @chrisevans/Instagram

However, others have defended the pair, with one person posting: “Chris Evans has a good reputation, no criminal offences, no issues with past partners.

“Sure, there is an age gap here but frankly, they look the same age range and they met as proper adults so who are we to judge?

“They both seem nice and I wish Twitter would just let them be happy.”

Someone else explains: “Good for Chris Evans I guess. The guy has said he wants marriage and family, and he finally found someone. The 16-year age gap is big, but my parents were 15 years apart. Mom was several years younger and more naïve and they were together until he died.”

Others have said that people are more upset with the fact that they no longer have a chance with the man who played Captain America and are using the age gap as a way to vent their disappointment.

“I am so damn happy for both of them,” exclaims another fan.

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The couple’s romance first came to light in November 2022, but reports have stated that they had been dating secretly for a year prior to that.

Evan and Baptiste’s wedding was an intimate ceremony that reportedly took place at their home in Boston.

His Marvel co-stars, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth, were all present at the wedding.

Other celebrities who attended include Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

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