Chris Rock Is Finally Going To Confront Will Smith’s Oscars Slap In Netflix Special

Chris Rock is finally set to confront Will Smith over that Oscars slap in a live stream on Netflix.
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Chris Rock is finally set to confront that Will Smith Oscars slap in a live stream on Netflix.

The show will be the first of its kind for the streaming giant and is due to air this month.

It’s nearly a year since Smith, 54, strolled up on stage to hit Rock – who was hosting the ceremony – after he made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith

And while the subject has been previously discussed in public on both sides – Rock is at last set to talk about the shocking moment in detail.

Watch the shocking moment Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on stage at last year’s Oscars…

Rock, 58, had referred to Jada as ‘G.I Jane’, referencing her shaven head, in a joke that drew laughs from both the crowd and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Smith.

Soon after, though, the Pursuit of Happyness actor walked onto the stage and slapped Rock across the face.

He then warned the shaken host: “Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth.”

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The moment quickly went viral and saw Smith banned from attending the Oscars for 10 years.

He also resigned from the Academy.

In order to prevent similar from happening at the 2023 ceremony, the Oscars has a dedicated ‘crisis team’. 

Five months after the incident, Smith apologised to Rock. 

Rock, however, while briefly mentioning it in his stand-up routines, has never spoken about the slap in detail or said he forgives Smith.

Now, Rock is finally looking to put all the drama to bed in a test pilot for Netflix’s first-ever live stream. 

Will Smith and Chris Rock slap.
Chris Rock is finally set to confront that Will Smith Oscars slap in a live stream on Netflix. Credit: Alamy

The show is set to air exactly one week before this month’s Oscars, where plenty of slap gags are expected from this year’s host, Jimmy Kimmel.

During Rock’s world tour with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle, both made regular jibes at and about Smith.

Chappelle accused Smith of doing ‘an impression of a perfect man for 30 years’, while Rock said he’d been attacked over what might be the ‘nicest joke [he’s] ever told’.

Chappelle told Rock: “At least you got smacked by someone of repute.”

Rock replied: “I got smacked by the softest n**** that ever rapped.”

While it’s not been confirmed how much of the hour-long Netflix show will be about Smith’s slap, fans believe the title alludes to it featuring heavily.

The show is called Selective Outrage, a topic which The Wall Street Journal say has featured more prominently in Rock’s recent live performances.

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He’s expected to focus on what he really thinks about the incident, and why he chose not to retaliate.

Netflix’s vice president of stand-up and comedy formats, Robbie Praw, says: “Watching live on Netflix is a real change in the construct that we have with our members.”

On Rock’s Selective Outrage show coming just a week before the Oscars, he adds: “It really was a factor of when Chris felt like he was ready and when the technology was ready.

“I know you’re looking for a more fun answer than that, but that’s what it really came down to.”

Selective Outrage will live stream on Netflix Saturday, March 4 at 10pm ET / 3am GMT.

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